Naagin : Pyar toh hona hi tha ! ( episode 4)


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Episode 4

At jungle someone stabs shivanya in front of ritik and ritik shouts

Ritik – shivanya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( wake up )

Yes! It was his dream but he is so scared , he was not in his sense and started searching for shivanya everywhere in their room but not able to find her then he came down searching shivanya and watches her with his mother , she was introducing her daughter- in-law to the guests and suddenly after seeing her ritik hugs shivanya tighly , every one is looking them surprisingly and ritik said

Ritik – shivanya where you are I am searching for you , are you fine

Shivanya was feeling odd and suddenly ritik realizes that he was in the front of everyone , everyone started laughing and ritik too fells odd he leaves from there without saying any thing and shivanya and yamini said

Yamini – shivanya beta you can go with ritik , otherwise he will again come here and haan you both go and dress up for party take these clothes for you and ritik

Shivanya takes the clohes and shyingly leaves from there

In rivanya’s room

Ritik – I am sorry for what I did , but it was because of that dream I saw someone stabs you

Shivanya – you said na no sorry no thankyou between us but it’s okay

They both smiles and shivanya said

Shivanya – happy birthday ritik !

Ritik smiles,

Shivanya – maa has given this clothes for us for the party and ask us to get ready soon take it

Ritik takes it and said

Ritik – Shivanya you go and change in bathroom I will change here

Shivanya nodded and leaves for changing her clothes

They both got ready and leaves for party at hall
Angad – so here is the newly couple bhai! romantic you are ( Teasing him for the hug incident)

Ritik – you shut up okay

Divya – what bhaiya! angad bhaiya is right

Yamini – you both shut up don’nt tease my son and my daughter- in- law today is there day

Ankush – yes! ladies and gentle man today is my son’s birthday and his reception lets cut the cake son

A servent cames with a beautiful cake and every one asked ritik shivanya to cut cake together
They cut together and angad ask them to dance together

Shivanya hesitates but ritik say

Ritik – don’t be shy it’s your family too

Shivanya smiles

Ritik pulls shivanya closer by her waist and they romantically dances on kurbaan hua song

And suddenly shesha enters the raheja mansion and sees rivanya dancing romantically

Shesha feels jealous seeing shivanya and ritik and tried to bite shivanya in her snake avtar but unable to do so

Before party at afternoon
Priest kataka bhairav ( their family astrologer) came and yamini ask rivanya to take blessings form him

Priest – sada suhagan raho! Ayushmaan bhav!
And at the movement he became worried

Yamini – pandit ji what happen , my son has no fear of markesh dosh na plz tell about their future is there any problem

Pandit – yes there is a problem , your son and daughter – in- law has danger in their life but if you want to prevent this they have to wear this rings

He gives rings to ritik and shivanya , firstly ritik refuses but for yamini he wores it

Fb ends…..

Shesha(angrily) – why I am unable to byte shivanya I have to do something and goes in jungle

This all seen by kattaka

Kattaka – naagin I know that something is really wrong but I will not let you harm this family I have to sve shivanya and ritik as they are life partners since many lives

Precap – sesha ask shivanya to meet her and rivanya shares a bed

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