Naagin : Pyar toh hona hi tha! (episode 3)

Hey guy! Thanks a lot for giving me so much love as it is my first fan fiction and again thanks for commenting , so let’s start,

Episode 3

In rivanya’s room

Shivanya was sitting in the bed and is very nerveous and suddlenly she realizes that someone has entered her room , and he was ritik

Ritik entered the room and sits near shivanya on the bed and said,

Ritik – don’nt worry I will sleep in the floor, Shivanya you saved my life , you did a lot for me and my parents thank you so much

Shivanya – no need to say thank you whatever my sister has done I am sorry for thatand according to your mom as only I can save your life and I did it , I am happy that I saved your life

Ritik – ok no sorry no thank you between us , I know that you’ve done this marriage to save my life I even don’t know that you are happy or not with this wedding but if you don’nt want to live with me you can tell me

Shivanya – no I have done this marriage to save your life and for my parent’s pride so I have no complaint about it

Ritik – you are great shivanya how much you think about others , ok not as husband wife but can we stay like friends I mean in front of everyone we are husband and wife but when we are alone we are only friends

Shivanya – smiles ( in mind- ritik is so understanding and a good person why you’ve done this to him di)
and ritik goes for sleep in the floor and shivanya also sleeps

In Singh mention

Shesha returns home and her parents shout at her and her father said

Rahul – Shesha why you done this to us? Why ? and why you are here after doing this all home if shivanya was not there we have to face a big loss of our reputation today

Shesha – I did it because I don’t want to marry and you are not listening me

Sana – from today on wards you are dead for us we have only one child only shivanya and I am proud of her

Rahul – you are right sana we have only one child from today you get out from my house

Shesha – dad ! You can’t d o this to me

Rahul – I can do this to you now get out

Sheha goes from there angrily and think that only because of shivanya dad throw me out of my house now I will snatch all the happieness from her life while she was thinking that she unknowingly went into a jungle and touches a cursed tree suddenly her skin started changing into a snake she is shoched to see this and suddlenly asaint came there and said

Saint – what you’ve done this is a cursed tree it has a cursed that whoever touches this tree after 20 year he or she will become a icchadhari naag or naagin
And the saint goes from there and after listening this shesha starts laughing and said

Shesha – Now no one can stop me from taking my revenge , I am a icchadhari naagin now and have so many supernatural powers ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……………

In rivanya ‘s room

Shivanya suddenly opened her eyes and sees a cockroach there and shouts in fear ritik also wake up and in fear shivanya suddenly on ritik and they both fall on the floor and by mistake shivanya’s lips touches ritiks cheecks and o re piya plays and they shared an eyelock and after some times they came in sense and ritik said

Ritik – are you trying to take my advantage ( teasing her)

Shivanya – no no there was cockroach so I afraid and suddenly fall on you, I’ ve not done any thing

Ritik (laughs and said) – I am just teasing , now if you want to sleep with me you can sleep here

Shivanya – smiles ( and goes for sleep)

PRECAP – Rivanya’s wedding reception, ritik’s birthday party and entry of shesha in raheja mention to take revenge

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  1. Ramya.riya

    Nice twist – sesha turning into naagin..
    very nice episide..

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks Ramya.riya I am happy that you like the twist

  2. Fantabulous update next episode soon

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thank you so much shreyaa

  3. Very good dear.. the twist of shesha becoming naagin was fabulous…??????????

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks gungun I am happy that you like the twist keep reading

  4. Nainaa

    Very nice twist and episode…
    it doesn’t seem like it’s your first ff…

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks nainaa but it is really my first ff

  5. Siddhi

    Wow what a great twist I loved it update soon

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks siddhi I will update it soon

  6. Loved it

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks RS and plz update ur ff

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