Naagin : Pyar toh hona hi tha! (episode 2)

Hey! guys I am back with my ff’s episode 2 with a twist wala wedding and thanks a lot for commenting

Episode 2

In the day of wedding , in shesha’s room

Shesha – today I have to run from this wedding I don’nt want to get married

shesha tie a saree from window of her room and come down through that saree and run away from the maariage and also left a letter for all

after sometimes shivanya comes to shesha’s room

Shivanya – Di! Where are you barat is coming

She does’nt find shesha any where and got her letter and after reading it she is shocked and call her Parents

Sana – what happened beta and where is shesha?

Rahul- shivanya beta wher is shesha?

Shivanya gives letter to them and said ,

Shivanya – she ran away

This all is heared by yamini and she said

Yamini – what is wrong with your daughter she ran away she know that my son has markesh dosh and only her kundli save him from death you told your daughter na do any thing but save my son’s life

saying this she gave kundli in the hands of sana and sana is shocked to see the kundli is of shivanya and she said ,

sana – this kundli is of shivanya

All are shocked

Yamini – shivanya bta only you can sve my son please beta marry my son

Shivanya – okay if it can saves ritik’s life I am ready to marry ritik

All become happy by listening this and shivanya get ready in bridal look for marriage and goes down in ghunghat and marriage ritual starts yamin does rivanya’s gathbandhan and rivanya take 7 vows and shivanya’s parents do kanyadan ritual for shivanya and its time to fill sindoor ritik removes her veil and is shocked to see shivanya

Yamini – beta fill her maang

Ritik fill her maang and made her wear mangalsutra

Then yamini tell all the story behind exchange of bride and said

Yamini – this incident proves that shivanya and ritik are made for each other
Ritik smiles ( In mind- she did a lot for me )

Then it’s time for shivanya’s bidaai

She cries and her parents gives her blessing to stay happy and she leaves for raheja mention
At raheja mention yamini welcome shivanya and ask her to come in and take her to ritik’s room

Yamini – shivanya beta so this is your room hope you liked it

Shivanya – It is very beautiful aunty

Yamini – no aunty from today call me maa

Shivanya smiles and said

Shivanya – okay maa

PRECAP – Rivanya’s sweet romantic moment

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  1. mouni roy fan

    Great!I have read all naagin ffs . from starting till now. But ur one I enjoyed thoroughly because being new also u have such innovative ideas inin ur mind

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thank you so much mouni Roy fan for your appreciation

  2. Cute episode ☺?

    And I am going to have a brother or sister ?
    And by the way I am 11 year old ?

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks writer and congratulation to you

  3. I love it

  4. Very good … You are awesome Dear??????

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thank you so much gungun

  5. Nainaa

    The twist is pretty nice…..wanna see loads of twists in future

  6. Nainaa

    The twist is pretty nice…..

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      thanks nainaa I will try to add more twist in other upcoming episodes

    2. Rivanyafanforever

      and there is a big twist in episode 3 , I hope you like it

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks Ramya.riya

  7. Rivanyaforever1

    Its all awesum story
    Please continue i am in love with it

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks rivanyaforever1

  8. Nice one

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