Naagin : Pyar toh hona hi tha! (episode 1)

Hey! Guy I am here with the first episode of my first fan fiction hope you will like it and again sorry for any mistake and if you like it so plz comment and one thing more I love siddhi’s ff and that’s why I have started to write my own ff so if you read this siddhi plz comment it means a lot for me
So let’s start with the first episode
Episode 1
The episode starts in singh mention ( shivanya’s house )
Ankush raheja has send marriage proposal of his son ritik raheja for Rahul singh’s elder daughter shesha

In rahul’s room an argument is going on as shesha did’nt want to get married

Shesha – dad you can’nt do this to me I am not going to marry anyone

Rahul – shesha you have to do this marriage at any cost otherwise we have to face a big loss in business and your kundli is also perfect for ritik

Saying this he left the room angrily,

Shivanya – d!i please say yes for the marriage for our parents

Shesha – ok I am ready( in mind – I will run from this marriage , as no option left for me )

Shivanya – oh my god di ! so lets go they all are waiting for you

Shivanya helps shesha in wearing saree and they both coming down where ritik and his whole family is sitting

Ritik – ( in mind – I am doing this marriage for only my parents otherwise I am not interested in this wedding)mom I Forget to lock my car I am coming

Yamini – ok! beta

Ritik goes

Shesha ( in stairs ) – Shivanya will you plz bring my phone I left it in my car

Shivanya – yes di

and shivanya goes near car from where ritik is coming suddenly shivanya slips and ritik catches her by her waist and her dupatta falls on her face ritik removes her dupatta from her face and sees shivanya for first time and lost in her beauty and they shared an eye lock suddenly they came in sense

Ritik – sorry by mistake

Shivanya – no no need to say sorry

Ritik -( in mind – why I am feeling attracted to her ) by the way I am ritik raheja and you

Shivanya – so you are ritik raheja who is going to marry my sister by the way I am shivanya

Ritik – beautiful name just like you

Shivanya – Thank you so much lets go inside the house

They go inside the home and shesha says yes for weeding and weeding preparation started in both the house

In the day of mehendi,haldi and saangeet in shivanya ‘s room

Shivanya is thinking of ritik and suddenly she realizes, why I am thinking of ritik he is my sister’s husband-to-be I don’nt have any right to think about him , and she left for hall ,in hall haldi which comes from ritik,s house falls on shivanya and allthe ladies said this haldi is for shesha and falls on shivanya

Sana – don’nt worry shivanya go and change beta

Shivanya – yes mom ( but she is still thinking of ritik)

In raheja house,

In ritik’s room he is also thinking of shivanya suddenly his sibling comes and teases him

Angad – bhai are you thinking about shesha bhabhi

Amrita – so what bhai can think of bhabhi

Ritik – nothing like that

Divya – don’t hide bhaiya

Suddenly yamini comes and said

Yamini – you all don’t tease my son let him rest tomorrow is his wedding

PRECAP – Wedding but with a twist

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  1. Siddhi

    Nice but I want to give you a tip-it know that no reader likes dragging but you should drag the track a little and not take it too fast.It’s just my point of view don’t feel bad and I liked it

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks siddhi I will drag story a little

  2. Good start….. Loved it and even I’m a rivanya fan forever and ever……missing dem a lot….

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks riya I also miss rivanya so much

  3. wow good start!

  4. Really loved it continue it ?

  5. The episode is great ! I think the twist is Shesha runs away from the mandap and to save the pride of parents Shivanya will sit down in the mandap .

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks RSTHEFFWRITER you are write but one twist is more

  6. I like it pls continue

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks lucky I will update it soon

  7. Nainaa

    That’s very nice…can’t wait for next episodes
    hope you’ll update them soon

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks nainaa I will update it tomorrow hope you will like next episode also

  8. Ramya.riya

    First episode is very intersting dear…

    1. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks Ramya.riya

    2. Rivanyafanforever

      Thanks Ramya.riya keep up reading

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