naagin- pyar ki ek naye daastan (Part 2)


After that, pragya thanks abhi for saving her. Abhi asks her to tell her name. She tells her name and asks him to tell his name. Abhi tells his name. Abhi then drinks water and leaves, pragya smiles.
Abhi goes to Leela’s room and asks her I’m in love. Leela says who is she? Abhi says pragya. Leela says sit here beta and says we will find a better girl than her. Abhi says no mom, love happens only for 1st and last time, I want to enjoy my remaining life with pragya. Leela says please under stand beta. Abhi says please mom, otherwise you will see my dead face. Leela says no, don’t say it again, I shall tell your father if he agrees then you can marry her.
Ankush ( abhi’s stepfather) goes to pundit and says him to tell abhi’s kundli. Pundit says he shoud marry before he is of 25 otherwise he might dead. He leaves.
Ankush reaches home and goes to his room. Leela there says listen, I want to tell you something. Ankush says yes, tell. Leela says abhi is in love. He says with whom? She says pragya.
Ankush then leaves to abhi’s room. He says abhi. Abhi says yes papa. Is you are in love with pragya? Abhi says yes.

Precap: Leela says to ankush how did you agree? Ankush tells Leela about pundit.

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