naagin- pyar ki ek naye daastan (Part 1)


A girl enters in mehra house. The owner of the house comes here and says her why are you here? She says I’m in need of job, please give me job. He says you can work here as a maid. She says thanks sir. He says what is your name? She says pragya.

A boy wakes up in his room. A girl comes and says him Good Morning. He says good morning to you also. She says we know each other for two years but we are still friends. We should marry each other. He says you say it daily and my answer is usual that I’ll not marry you. He then goes to take bath.

The owner tells his wife Leela that she has hired a new maid. She says you did right as the previous maid has left the job.

Pragya goes to kitchen to does work. She starts to baking cake bring a small table to get sugar. She stands on it and was to fall but a man comes and saves her. They share a romantic eyelock, song plays kabhi Jo badal barse…….

Precap: Abhi says to Leela, Mom! I am in love with some one. She says who is she? He says pragya.

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  1. Good episode but make your episode longer and introduce rivanya.

    1. M.Shakaib

      Thanks shreya. I’m introducing abhigya instead of rivanya but abhi play by arjun and pragya play by mouni.

  2. nice

  3. mouni roy fan

    Can u please clarify the characters which u involved in this ff

  4. Nice…

    1. M.Shakaib

      Thanks durga

  5. nice n long update epi

  6. M.Shakaib

    Owner is ankush as naagin ankush, Leela is yamini, abhi is arjun, pragya is mouni. Any problem now.

  7. M.Shakaib

    5th comment.

  8. Siddhi

    Good episode and sorry for late comment.And also read my ff a journey from hate to love it’s based on rivanya

    1. M.Shakaib

      Why are you asking sorry? You can comment any time. And sorry to you that I can’t find your ff, can you please tell me your off real name?


    Its good but you should play it with real characters and make it longer

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