naagin- pyar ki ek naye daastan – last part.


Pragya goes to market. Some inter. ssive persons kidnap pragya and take her to a isolated building. Pragya shouts shesa. The boss of them was to shoot pragya but a snake bites him. Snake change into human and says how dare you to harm my sister. Shesa saves pragya. Pragya says thanks, shesa.

Pragya says I love abhi from college. But I …
Shesa says abhi too loves you. Pragya says I will get abhiat any cost.
She reaches home. Tanvee who was reliazing her sin thanks god and say sorry to pragua . she says at happened tanvee. Tanvee tells pragya all. Pragya says I have never take revenge.I for gave you.
Abhi comes to pragya and appears his love for her. Pragya accepts her porporsal.
Abhi was sitting in his room.pragya comes and says him, you love me and I love you and in love nothing is hidden. So I’m telling you truth. Abhi says which truth about you talking?
Pragya says

FB starts ……
Yamini( played by rupal Patel) was in shiv mandir . a snake naag comes. He raped her.after that he turn inypto human forever. She hits him with iron rod tightly on head. S
A snake daugtphter is created with that
FB ends..

Abhi says where is that? Pragya calls Shea. Shea comes and run into human. Abhi was afraid. Pragya says now you will marry me?
Abhi says yes.

After1 year…..
Pragya and abhi are seen married. Shea is married to abhi’s brother sid. Shea has losted her whole powers. They have 2 childs aliya and kartick.

‘. ****the end****

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  1. Wow, last part is awesome. But why you end this. Will you write any other ff.

  2. Shakaib

    Bye I read all parts of your ff. Its nice, dude.

  3. Siddhi

    Good ending

  4. Nice ending

  5. nice end

  6. Jasmine rahul

    Liked ur idea of writing a naagin version of abhigya, loved abhigya meeting n abhi falling 4 her . surprise is that pragya used to love him n that’s y she came as a maid.shesha saving pragya like a noce sister n tànvee turning positive was gud.fb which pragya revealed to abhi was shocking. Nice ending eith abhigya n shesha marrying abhis bro n they havinh kids.shesha turned human here omly shesha is naagin.nice.but u ended it too early

  7. Jasmine rahul

    Rupal as yamini in ur version was a surprise

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