Naagin OS:Meri Jeene Ki Tum Ho

Ritik is doing his office work.When Shivanya comes there and Ritik sees her and smiles and thinks

Ritik:Shivanya from many days we don’t have romance now today we will have.

He goes to Shivanya and asks

Ritik:What are you doing?

Shivanya:Keeping books in shelf.


Shivanya is about to go when Ritik catches her duppata.Shivanya gets shy.Ritik comes near her.He hugs her from back.Shivanya smiles.Then Ritik starts getting romantic with her.He keeps his hand on her jealous and kisses her back.Shivanya closes her eyes.Ritik slowly kisses her neck and then carries her in his arms and lays her on bed.He kisses her whole face leaving lips.Shivanya slowly unbuttons her shirt.She removes his shirt and kisses his neck.Ritik smiles and is about remove her dress when Shivanya says

Shivanya:Ritik not now.

Ritik:Shivanya don’t shy I am just your husband.And I can do whatever I want.

Then he kisses her shoulder and then removes her dress and keeps a blanket on them.Shivanya kisses his bare chest and neck.Ritik says

Ritik:Shivanya if you don’t have problem then can I ask you one question?

Shivanya kisses his neck and says


Ritik:I love you Shivanya and want to become all yours.

Shivanya nods her head in yes and Ritik kisses her neck more.Shivanya kisses his lips.Shivanya kisses his eyes.

After sometime Ritik sleeps and Shivanya wakes up and thinks

Shivanya:Ritik I love you and can do anything for you.

She kisses his cheek.And sees him lovingly.She gets fresh and goes from there leaving a note for Ritik.

At morning Ritik wakes up and sees Shivanya not there.He gets fresh and starts finding in whole house.But she is not here and when he comes back to his room he sees a note in which is written

Ritik I have cheated you as you know I killed your parents then I can’t live with you the guilt of killing your parents.

Ritik have tears in his eyes and goes out to start finding.He goes to forest and sees Shivanya and goes to her and hugs her tightly.Shivanya hugs him back.Without saying a word Ritik takes her to house.He pushes her towards bed and says

Ritik:What you thought that you will leave me then you can lead a happy life. (With tears)

Shivanya:No Ritik that’s not like that.

Ritik comes near her and brings very close towards him.She closes her eyes and he kisses her lips and removes her saree.Shivanya tries to close his eyes but Ritik resists.Ritik says angrily

Ritik:You can’t go away from me.Never

He kisses her neck.

They consummate their marriage.

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