Naagin OS

Shesha and Yamini died by Shivanya’s hand now no one can come in between Ritik and Shivanya.

Ritik is going to office when Shivanya stops him and says

Shivanya:Ritik wait

Ritik:What happen?

Shivanya nests her collar.

Shivanya:Now you can go.


He pushes Shivanya close to him and says

Ritik:Now I can’t stay away from you.Today’s night will be very special.



He keeps his hand on her mouth.

Ritik:Now no more excuses.Today’s night will be best night.

And he goes for office.Shivanya smiles and goes to kitchen.

At evening Ritik comes at house and sees Shivanya.


He comes near Shivanya

Shivanya:Get fresh and have dinner.


He pushes Shivanya towards him and says

Ritik:But at morning what I told you do you remember.

Shivanya gets shy and tells

Shivanya:No I don’t remember

And is about to go when he pushes her towards him and says

Ritik:Don’t tell lie I know you are living as you can’t lie properly.

Ritik goes and freshs up.He comes for dinner.After dinner Shivanya is going when Ritik catches her hand and brings her close to him.

Shivanya:Ritik let me go……….

Ritik:No I will not.

He brings his face near to her.Shivanya closes her eyes.But she gets shy and runs towards window.Ritik goes to her.Shivanya tries to go when Ritik pulled her more towards him and she gets lost in his beautiful eyes.Ritik brings his face near her and she closes her eyes.Ritik kisses her lips.Shivanya kisses him back.

Ritik and Shivanya are kissing.They break there kiss and look at eachothers eyes lovingly.He hugs her and she hugs him back.He unties her saree.Ishani Dori and she feels shy but thinks that she lives him and let him do what he wants.

He unties her sarees Dori and kisses her neck.Shivanya unbuttons his shirt and removes it.Ritik takes her in his arms and lays her into bed.He kisses her neck and removes her pallu.Shivanya kisses his bare chest.Then they both kiss eachother.Ritik is on top of Shivanya and kisses her shoulder.He is about to remove her blouse but stops and thinks

Ritik:No she will not be comfortable.

Then he stops and kisses her neck.Shivanya smiles and Ritik also smiles.Ritik says

Ritik:Shivanya never leave me alone or I will die.

Shivanya keeps her hand on his mouth and says

Shivanya:Never tell like this I will never leave you.

She comes on top of Ritik and kisses his lips and neck.Ritik pushes her closer by waist.They and Shivanya sees in his eyes and kisses his forehead.That night they became one.

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