Naagin (OS) Impossible love


It was a dark night yet the moon was bright.It was the day when all the naag and naagin will do tandav in front of idol of Lord shiva.

Shivanya was in a room.Her eyes were blood red as she wanted to take revenge from her own husband Ritik.Yes she wanted to kill Ritik.

Shiva nya cried when she remembered what happened that day.


Two snake were seen in forest.One was golden colour and other was of red colour.They both change into human.The golden snake was Shivanya and the red snake was her husband Devansh.They loved each other very much.

Shivanya:Devansh I will go inside the temple so wait for sometime.

Devansh:Sure dear

Shivanya smiled at him and went in side shiv temple.Devansh was waiting for her outside.Suddenly a man wearing black mask came to him.He strangulated Devansh’s neck.

Devansh:Leave me

Listening this Shivanya came out of the temple and was shocked to see that a man wearing mask was having knife in his hand.He stabbed Devansh.


She quickly go to him.The man who was wearing mask told her that

Mask man:You are only mine and no one can love only I can love you.

After saying this he went away.Shivanya was crying very much as her husband was dead.

Shivanya:Devansh I will kill your murderer.I saw that he was having a tattoo on his wrist of R.

Flashback end

Shivanya:Ritik is having tattoo in his wrist of R.I will kill him.

Shivanya took snake form and went to shiv temple to do tandav and get boon.

She reached shiv temple and started doing tandav.After her tandav was finished a voice given her the boon of sada suhagan.

Shivanya was shocked as she dint loved Ritik.

She went home and saw Ritik unconscious on floor.She went to him.

Shivanya:What happened to you Ritik?

She put some water on his face and he waked up

Shivanya:Ritik are you fine?


Shivanya helps him to stand and makes him sit on bed.She thinks

Shivanya:He is my husband’s murderer then why my heart feeled bad when I saw Ritik unconscious?

Next day Shivanya was cleaning the bedroom when Ritik pulled her towards him.

Ritik:I want to tell you something


Ritik:I love you.

Shivanya was shocked.

Ritik:I truly love you and I can die for you.

Shivanya got little emotional.He went for office.

Shivanya:Is Ritik my husband’s murderer?No he is.

Shivanya comes out of the room and sees Viren.She was shocked to see one thing.The thing was that Viren was too having the tattoo of R on his wrist.Then Shivanya tried to remember about how was murderer’s personality.She remember that Viren was heighted then Ritik and his voice was similar to Viren.

Viren came to her.

Viren:Oh Shivanya you are looking very good.

Now Shivanya understood that her husband’s murdered was not Ritik but Viren was the murderer.She bitted him and he died.

Shivanya felt guilty as she tried to kill a innocent many times.Now she understood that she also loved Ritik.

At night Ritik was going in his room but his room was locked.He knocked the door.The door opened but no one was there to open the door.Ritik came inside.There was darkness everywhere.

He came inside when he felt a hand on his shoulder.He turned and saw Shivanya.

She was wearing a blue sari.It was Ritik’s favourite colour.


Before he could tell something Shivanya kept her fingers on his lips.She came near him and kissed him.

They both consummated.

The end
Guys this is my Os for competition.The results will be out tomorrow.I will tell who won when I will update Rivanya forever.Still if anyone wills to participate then they can submit there Os today.

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