Naagin OS 2

At morning Ritik wakes up and sees his love sleeping in his arms and he smiles and kisses her forehead.He goes to get fresh.After sometimes he comes out and sees Shivanya is not there in room and he goes out of room and sees Shivanya standing and he goes to her.

Ritik:What are you doing here?


Ritik:Oh really but I think you are thinking something.

Shivanya:I am thinking about you.


He hugs her and she hugs him back and Ritik kisses her neck.They break the hug.Ritik gets a call.He goes from there.Shivanya reminces yesterday’s night’so moment with Ritik and blushes and goes to kitchen.

After sometimes Ritik comes to kitchen.

Ritik:Shivanya actually my business partner Mr Mehra’s daughter has come in mumbai and she will live in our house do you have anyour problem?

Shivanya:I don’t have any problem Ritik.

Ritik:How much nice you are.

He hugs her.

Ritik:Now I am getting late bye.


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  1. Awesome

  2. It is very short write some more,but the ff was superb

  3. Guys good news my mother was pregnant for 9 months and finally she gave birth to a girl.pls suggest me some names for my little cute sister.

    1. As your name is Siddhi her name should be Riddhi

      1. nice names-

    2. RS is right her name should be Riddhi

      1. I want name starting from s and a name got in my mind the name is shavi.

  4. What about the name shanaya…i think you must write your ff a bit longer. Your ff is too short to cherish… I think you should make today’s naagin OS longer..

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