Naagin: ocean of love (Episode 1)


Thank u soo very much to all for supporting me and encouraging me
Lets start the episode
What is love……a feeling an emotion a relationship a time pass
No. Its life. Its the meaning of being alive
The one who get it he acheived the world
The one who lost it he lost the life

It was a tuesday morning
In a medium house a boy came downstairs in a white t-shirt a black jeans (imagine the shirts he wear under his tuxedo ) and yes he is ritik
Ritik, ma morning maa
Yamini, good morning baby how r u
Ritik, i am fine maa how r u and wheres papa
Yamini, i am fine and ur papa is coming down just getting ready

Ritik, maa what is in breakfast
Yamini, beta i have made ur favourite breakfast poha and for us i have made idli
Ritik, maa why do u make diiferent for me now its not ur age to work so much i have told u lot of times let the maid to the kitchen work also
Yamini, i don,t want a maid to touch my kitchen but if u want me not to do the kitchen hold work then bring me a bahu (daughter-in-law)
Ritik, maa u again started
Yamini, so what is wrong in it now u r 23 years old u should marry not but atleast start meeting girls na
Ritik, maa i just turned 23 last week
Ankush came down and sat down
He was about to take the idli but yamini stopped him
Yamini, anky jee u must each this salad

Ankush, what no it is not ok this grass am i a cow
Yamini and ritik laughed
Yamini, c,mon anky jee
Ankush, ritik u tell ur mom
Ritik, dad mom is right u must eat this as as as it itt is good for ur MUSCLES HMM
Hearing the name of muscles ankush started eating it
And yamini and ritik gave a soundless high five
This was a perfect but incomplete family.
So how is it guyz hope u like it and shivanya’s entry will be in the 3rd episode sorry but u have to wait for the episode after the next . Please leave ur kind comments

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