Naagin- a new story (intro)


Hello guys i am pihoo.This is my first ff.I hope that you would like it.This story lies between two naagins and a tycoon buisness man

Rhitik raheja-A buisness tycoon.He loves his family but dont spent time with them as he thinks that his work is main for him.He is 25 years old

Shivanya-She is a naagin.she have a older sister shesha.shivanya is very kind and sweet.She have to take revenge from raheja house as they have stolen naagmani

Yamini raheja-She is rhitik’s mother.she loves her son and daughter

Ankush raheja-He is the main protogonist.He doesnt love anybody but shows off that he is caring.He is selfish

Divya raheja-She is rhitik’s sister.She is very bubbly girl

Shesha-She is shivanya’s sister.she is master mind.She is very clever.She loves shivanya but she also loves rhitik
So i hope that you all would like this ff.

Credit to: Pihoo

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    1. Pihoo it’s antagonist not protagonist,protagonist means good and antagonist means bad

  1. Awesome

  2. Wow its very nice please update the next episode soon

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