Naagin- a new story (episode 1)

Rhitik is seen coming out from car.He is talking on his phone and going inside a huge building.

Rhitik(talking on phone)-our work should be done in only 2 days otherwise i will fire you.(he cuts the phone)

Rhitik is attending a meeting while yamini calls rhitik

Yamini-rhitik where are you beta

Rhitik- maa i am busy, i am in meeting

Yamini- wait beta i have to tell you something important.

Rhitik- yes maa tell

Yamini- i have talked to mrs Sarojini’s daughter Aishah about your wedding

Rhitik- maa i dont want to marry anyone pls stop this discussion

Yaamini- beta

Rhitik (cuts the call)

Yamini (thinks) rhitik is growing older day by day. I have to do something to make him ready for the marraige


shivanya is seen pouring milk on the shivling and then gurudev come and told her

Gurudev- shivanya tomorrow you will become 25 years of age now revenge will start you have to take naagmani from that evil family

Shivanya- yes guru dev i know. Naagmani is always of shiv ji and no one can missuse it
Precap: shivanya meeting yamini

Credit to: Pihoo


  1. pihoo

    Sorry. As it my first ff i was not able to write longer but next episode i will try to make it long

  2. Rivanya

    can any1 plzz tell me in which link naagin november 1 to 5june full epusodes are uploaded…

  3. Shrabanti De

    can any1 plzzz tell me where nagin 1november to 5june episodes are uploaded… except voot… is there any link????

  4. Yuvi

    As I told u pihoo… I will comment… Uvika here… Nice Starting Pihoo… I will try to read this daily? and yessss… Message me when you are online.. I am unable to talk to u…. Ok… And id u update it, pls inform me… On personal.. I will read it…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.