Naagin Love OS (4)


Hi guys sorry for late update I was really busy with my job. If you didn’t know I am an author and I write Romance Singles and Romance Screenplay in new Jersey and London. So everybody wanted a daily update so I will try to update every day. Also you wanted me to write a Pregnancy OS so I did….And please tell me how many episode i should do for this OS series should ut be a long series or a short series let ne know in the comments below let’s not bore you anymore and get to the OS ….here you go….


Ritik returned from work late at night. The time was 1:32 at night. All of Reheja house was sleeping apart from Shivanya. She was waiting for her lover to come home so she could sleep in his arms. She was sitting on the bed in her bedroom. She suddenly heard a car stop by in the garage of the house. She sighed with happiness as she knew he, Ritik, had arrived. She went down the stairs and saw him coming inside the house. He saw Shivanya and smiled. He then immediately grabbed her hand and went to their Bedroom. He came in and locked the door behind him. He threw his suitcase and tie and blazer on the sofa. He than ran to Shiavnya and Hugged her tightly. She was taken back but also hugged him and she asked

Shivanya: What happened Japan

Ritik: Its been too long……

Shivanya: What…..I don’t know what you are saying.

Ritik then brought his face near shivanyas and said

Ritik: Its been too long since we became one…….

Shivanya blushed heavily and turned her back to Ritik. Ritik turned her again He started stepping towards her. She started stepping back….After a few seconds her back finally hit the wall. He pinned against the wall and looked into her eyes. Shivanya saw the love in Ritiks Eyes for her. She immediately put her arms around Ritiks Shoulder. Ritik also put his hands around Shivanyas Waist. Ritik came really close to Shivanya and kissed her lips. It was a slow kiss at first but then it soon turned into a very passionate kiss. After a few minutes Ritik lay shivanya on the bed and he removed his shirt. He turned Shivanya and kissed every inch of her back… Shivanya closed her eyes in pleasure feeling his touch. Ritik then unties the dori of her blouse and kissed all her upper body ( sorry guys can’t go into detail as TU didn’t allow it) He then kissed her legs going up and finally they became one……

The morning arrived both Ritik and Shivanya went downstairs for breakfast…. Suddenly Shivanya Vomited…..Ritik was shocked and concerned for his dear wife… He took her to hospital and they evening a good news was released in the Rehaeja House. Yes Shivanya Was pregnant both Rivanya were incredibly happy……..

Sorry guys I am writing this in a train that’s why this OS is Short and boring but please forgive me….Please comment and tell me what next OS should be about and please tell me How many episodes this Naagin Love OS series should have…..Should it be a long series or a short series you decide……

Thanx for reading lots of love from Tina xxx

Credit to: Tina ji

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  1. Siddhi

    Nice is pls continue soon and always add rivanya romance

  2. I think it should be a long series

  3. Yeah you should write it long

  4. Yeah you should write it long series

  5. Can you update the next episode tomorrow

    1. Thanx Writer I will try and update tommorow

  6. Lovely darling update soon

  7. And if possible can you write an os or ff on
    Rivanya as kids and continue this also with that ff or os

  8. Please upload the next episode today

  9. Can you upload the next episode today please please please

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