Naagin Love OS (2)

Guys thanx for all your love and support towards this series and pls tell me when I should upload the next OS also I would like to tell you that the OS’s won’t be linked each one will be different and there will not be any action in them only some will have action the rest will be only romance anyway let’s start the ff..


It was a warm early Monday morning. The sunlight was shining bright and it was shining through a bedroom onto the eyes of Shivanya. She squinted and squeezed her eyes and then woke up from her sleep. Her eyes opened and a broad smile came on her lips as she saw a shirtless ritik laying on her both their arms wrapped around each other. She tried to get him of her but failed as his grip on her was really strong. She used all her power and both rolled on the bed. Now a shirtless Shivanya was on top of ritik.

She realised she was only wearing her undergarments and blushed. She then quickly removed Ritiks hands from her waist and sat on the bed. She was about to get off but couldn’t. She turned and saw Ritik still with His eyes closed holding shivanyas hand. She stared at ritik as he slowly opened his eyes. He then immediately pulled her back onto him. She fell on him and he again gripped her waist. He came very near her and was about to lip kiss her when shivanya puts her hands on his lips and says

Shiavnya: Abhi nahi ritik

Ritik removed her hand and passionately kissed her. After a few minuts he let go off her. She shyed away and picked up her clothes which were laying on the floor. She picked her clothes from the floor and wore them.

Ritik: I love you jaanu

Shivanya: I love you too

Shivanya then saw ritik was only wearing his underwear.She blushed and looked away. Ritik saw this and hugged her from back and said

Ritik: why are you getting shy…You have seen me like this many times. Baby come on get used to it.

Shivanya then picked up ritiks clothes from floor and said

Shivanya: Okay jaanu now you wear these clothes

Ritik: no I won’t wear them…….

Shivanya made puppy face and said

Shivanya: Pleaeeeeeeeees……

Ritik: okay fine

Ritik got dressed and both went arm in arm downstairs to have breakfast…

Pls guys tell me when I should update next episode and tell me if you liked it or not…thnx….lots if love from: Tina Ji

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  1. Superb Tina ji

    1. Thanx

  2. I liked it and you should upload the next episode tomorrow and upload your os daily

  3. Awsome update A.S.A.P

    1. Will do

  4. Update the next ff tomorrow . It’s fantastic. Take it this way.

  5. Siddhi

    Good episode pls continue soon

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