Naagin Love OS (2) Episode.2

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______________What’s Mine Is Mine_____________

“I’m not the jealous type, but what’s mine is mine. End of story.” ~ Unknown

Mrs. Shivanya Raheja assigned the daily homework before dismissing her class. There were few students who did not leave with a cheery wave and a broad smile for their beloved teacher. Three years after the birth of her second child, she had decided to become a Teacher. She loved her profession and Ritik encouraged her to start. Mansi, her eldest, started primary this year and while she was not taught by her mother, she attended the same school. She now ran into the classroom, kissing Shivanya’s cheek, before taking a seat at an empty desk, swinging her tiny legs back and forth.

Shivanya asked with a smile, as she rummaged through her files, “How was school today, darling?”

Mansi wrinkled her nose, “Rohan asked for my pencil and didn’t give it back!”

“On purpose?”

“No…I don’t think so…maybe he forgot.”

“Well, you can ask him tomorrow, otherwise we have lots of pencils, right?”

Mansi made a face. She hated losing anything of hers, no matter how small or insignificant. But before she could reply, she was started by a pair of large hands creeping up her waist and tickling her ribs. She shrieked with surprised laughter and was picked up and spun around by none other than her father.

Ritik smiled at Shivanya and asked Mansi, “So, what mischief did you get up to today?”

Mansi grinned widely, putting a finger to her lips, “Shh…not now. Mummy will hear and then she’ll scold me!”

Ritik laughed and Shivanya shook head at the duo, “Shameless, the two of you are.” She couldn’t stop herself from smiling, however and Ritik took the opportunity to lean over and kiss her cheek.

“Ritik!” Jeevika pushed him, away, looking around to make sure no one had seen. Mansi pressed a hand to her mouth to stifle giggles.

“What, there’s nothing wrong, is there Mansi?” he looked to his daughter, “You don’t mind my kisses, do you?”

Mansi shook her head and Ritik kissed the top of her head sweetly. “Are you ready to go home now?”

Shivanya slung her bag over her shoulder, “Yes-” But they were interrupted by a voice over the PA system, “Mrs. Raheja please contact the main office. Mrs. Raheja.”

“Oh, I completely forgot!” Shivanya’s eyes widened, “We have a new student coming in, I’m supposed to speak to him and his parents today.”

“That’s fine,” Ritik shrugged, “I’ll take Mansi out for ice cream and to the park and we’ll come back in an hour.”

“Don’t give her another one like she wheedled you into buying last time,” Shivanya warned.

Mansi pouted and Shivanya ruffled her hair, before heading out of the classroom.

When she entered the office, she found her new student with his father waiting for her. “I’m so sorry,” she began to apologize, but the man simply smiled and stretched out his hand, “I’m Akash Arora and this is my son, Abhi.” The small boy was quite adorable, she thought, with dimples in his cheeks when he smiled up at her. He clearly resembled his father; he’d inherited the dimples, as well as the friendly eyes.

“How are you today, Abhi?” she asked.

“I’m okay,” he replied shyly.

“Shall I show you up to your class?”

He nodded. She pointed out different classes and rooms as they ventured to her classroom and explained which ones Abhi would be taking and who taught them.

When they entered her classroom, she had them sit before her desk and she took her normal seat. They’d already done the paperwork with the principal, so all that was left to do now, was to explain the course syllabus to both parent and child and to try to get to know the latter.

“Abhi’s a little weak in math,” Akash told her.

“That’s alright,” she assured him, “All of our students have at least one subject that they need to spend more time developing their understanding on and I’m sure there’ll be steady improvement throughout the year as long as he works hard. Right, Abhi?” she smiled at him, “Do your parents help you at home as well?”

Abhi looked away and Akash cleared his throat, “Abhi’s mother is not with us anymore.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Shivanya flushed with self-embarrassment and pity for the two.

“No, I mean we’re divorced.”

“Oh,” was all she could think of to say, but Abhi managed to ease the momentary tension, “Daddy helps me with my homework if I don’t understand.”

Shivanya’s heart melted a little for him. She smiled, “That’s wonderful.”

The rest of the conversation flowed smoothly and soon, both father and son rose from their seats.

“It was lovely meeting you,” Akash smiled at her, “I’m sure Abhi is very happy to have you as a teacher, aren’t you, Abhi?”

His son smiled bashfully.

“Well, I’m very happy to be teaching Abhi,” Shivanya replied. They walked back to the main office and Shivanya said goodbye to them before heading to the front of the school. It had started to rain. She waited for a few minutes, but Ritik did not come. She tried calling him but it seemed as though his phone was dead. It was raining harder now and she looked out anxiously, wondering where they could be, for they were certainly no longer at the park.

Akash and Abhi approached her about to leave. “Would you like me to give you a ride home?” Akash politely inquired.

“No, it’s alright, my husband should be here soon,” Shivanya shook her head.

“It’s raining quite badly,” Akash intervened, “I wouldn’t want to leave you here by yourself.”

“Really, I’ll be fine,” Shivanya assured him, but he merely said, “Well if you won’t take a ride from Abhi and I, I suppose we’ll have to wait her with you, right, Abhi?” His son nodded.

Shivanya tried to protest but he put a hand on her arm, “Really, it’s fine. I wouldn’t leave anyone out here in the rain by themselves, least of all, my son’s teacher.” She smiled back; he was really a kind man.

She spotted Ritik’s car and said, “Oh, that’s my husband.”

Ritik ran out hurriedly to greet her. “Ritik, this is Mr. Arora and my new student, Abhi,” she introduced them.

Ritik shook his hand, “Ritik Raheja.”

“Oh, the famous Tycoon?” Akash raised his brow, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“All good things I hope?” Ritik offered a tight smile, not waiting for a reply, before turning to Shivanya, “Come, let’s go home.”

“Goodbye and thank you,” she waved at the two, before Ritik dragged her away towards the car.
It was raining heavily and the brief seconds that she passed between the building and the car managed to drench her hair and sari. Ritik too, was not much better, his shirt plastered to him.

“Ritik, you were quite rude to him. He had offered me a ride and when I refused he decided to wait for me because he didn’t want me alone-”

“Yes, I’m sure he would be quite happy to give you a ride,” Ritik retorted brusquely.

She looked at him, wide-eyed. Why on earth was he so upset? Especially when he was the one who was late picking her up…she suddenly noticed the absence of Mansi in the car.

“Ritik, where’s Mansi?” she asked anxiously.

“She’s at home. We waited for an hour and then she needed to go to the washroom. You were still busy so I took her home and came back for you. I tried calling you, but you didn’t answer.”

“It was on silent,” she shrugged, “I can’t have my phone on during school hours.”

“No, I’m sure you can’t,” he grumbled. She was surprised at his moodiness, but decided to say nothing until they returned home.

Ritik was quite disgruntled. Not only was he tired from work and chasing Mansi around the park, but then to return to find his wife with a young, good-looking man, smiling up at him, with his hand on her arm…No, he wasn’t jealous. He wasn’t.

Ritik removed his shirt, looking through his closet for his night kurta. Shivanya got a towel from the bathroom and approached him, going to wipe his hair for him. He let her do so, silently, before he took the towel and did the same for her in front of the mirror. She could see his reflection and he looked brooding. “Ritik,” she put a hand on his, “Why are you upset at me? Was it something I did?”

He put down the towel, feeling guilty and wrapped his arms around her waist, tucking his chin into her shoulder, “No, it was nothing you did, I was only be ridiculous.”

“Mr. Arora was very kind,” she said timidly.

He spun her about, so her hands were pressed to his chest, glowering at her, “Mrs. Raheja, you are not allowed to compliment any man other than your husband!”

To his indignation, she laughed at him. Actually laughed! “Ritik, you’re jealous!”

“I am not!” he muttered.

“You are!” she laughed again. When he began to remove his hands from her waist, she pressed closer to him; she’d stopped laughing, but there was still a teasing glint in her eyes, “Ritik, how can I even look at another man in that way when I have such a handsome husband?”

He softened, slightly surprised at her words and left his hands where they were.

“Tycoon saab,” she smiled, “tell me, whose wife am I?”

“Mine. Only mine.”

“Yours,” she told him, “Only yours.”

He tightened his arms, “Say it again.”

“I am Mrs. Shivanya Ritik Raheja. Yours. No others’. Case closed,” she murmured.

“I suppose that means I must give you your jurmaana now?” he chuckled, eyes darting down to her lips.

She smiled mischievously, “Yes. You’re in charge of putting Mansi to sleep today.” She pulled away, but he caught her hand and pulled her back to him.

“You didn’t see the way he was looking at you,” Ritik said seriously.

“Who? My husband?” she teased.

“No, that Arora…is he married?”

“Divorced,” she said slowly.

“Even better,” he looked away.

Shjvanya caught his face in her hands, “Ritik, I think you’re mistaken. He seems to be a nice man, I really doubt he’d think of a married woman that way. Besides, it’s not him I’ll be seeing everyday, but his son. You’re being silly.”

He looked up, sheepishly, “I am, aren’t I?”

She smiled, “I love you.”

“You’re not upset at me?” he looked surprised.

“Of course not. There’s nothing wrong with your husband being a little jealous. In fact, it’s quite adorable.”

“Adorable?” he growled, spinning her about on her feet, “Laughing at my misery, Mrs. Raheja?” How he loved calling her by that name.

“Mr. Raheja,” she responded in turn, “I have every right to laugh when you think such ridiculous things.”

“I have every right to be protective of my beautiful wife.” He kissed her cheek.

She blushed slightly. All their years of marriage and she still blushed when he complimented her.

“Mine,” he kissed her other cheek.

“Ritik…” she said, pushing him back before he made further advances. She was very aware that he was shirtless. “You still have to give me my jurmaana…”

“I’m giving it,” he gave her a wicked grin.

“Mansi? You’re going to put her to sleep tonight?” she reminded him. That was indeed quite a feat, for their rambunctious little daughter was a ball of energy.

He sighed, pulling away at last, “Yes, yes…”

Before he could leave however, she went on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek, “Thank you.”

He caught her lips with his and kissed her soundly, before telling her, “You know, now that I think of it…there’s still another hour till it’s her bedtime…”

“Ritik…” she faltered as he backed her up against the door and locked it above her head.

He grinned, “Who are you?”

“Mrs. Shivanya Ritik Raheja.”


She gave in, smiling, “Yours.”

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