Naagin Love OS (2) Episode 1

Hey guys this is Season 2 of Naagin Love OS I only started season 2 for Siddhi and because of her adorable request. So here it is…..


______________________________TEN MINUTES_____________________________

Ritik was finally home from Delhi and he was utterly exhausted. The only person he really wanted with him was his wife, but since she hadn’t picked him up from the airport, she was nowhere to be found.
“Shivanya!” he called repeatedly and loudly, as he sat sprawled across the armchair.
“Haan, Ritik?” Shivanya came out of the washroom looking confused, “Why were you shouting?”
“Where were you?” he demanded.
“In the washroom…” she replied, “Why? What’s wrong?”
He frowned, “Can’t I have some time alone with my wife?” and with that he caught her hand in his and tugged her towards him, tumbling her across his lap.
“Ritik!” she startled, blushingly, as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
“That’s better,” he told her, smiling; “I missed you.”
“I was in the washroom for only a few minutes!”
“I meant while I was in Delhi,” he laughed, touching his forehead to her temple.
“I missed you, too,” she told him honestly. She really had. His side of the bed had felt so cold, so empty. She’d found herself stretching across it, in an unconscious search for him in sleep. And she’d wake up, expecting to find herself curled in his arms, only to realize she was alone. And in the morning, out of habit, she would go to the closet for his things for work and then suddenly remember they were gone because he was, too.

“How much?” he asked, rubbing his knuckles across her cheek. He never wanted to leave home again. He’d missed her too much. One day was too long without his darling wife.
“Bahaut,” she replied and hugged him.
He sighed in content and buried his face in her hair, inhaling deeply. He loved the way she smelled, the softness of her skin and her shy blushes. While he was at his office, he’d often forget what he was doing, getting lost in reminiscing over something she said or did and he’d smile to himself. Her head nestled just under his neck as she murmured softly, “Don’t leave for so long again.”
She’d missed him just as much as he missed her.
“I wish I could promise that,” he said reluctantly, “But, my work is unpredictable.”

“I know…I just don’t like when you’re far from me,” she admitted, fingering the collar of his shirt.
“So stay close now.” He ran his hand up and down her back, tracing small circles and brushing his fingers through her hair.
A knock came at the door and he groaned. Shivanya smiled, “I’ll get it.”
His hand lingered on hers, “Don’t be long.”
She opened the door to see Divya, “Bhabhi! Me and my friends are planning a big party tonight for Angad and Maya’s engagement! We need your help for planning-”
“But, Divya,” Shivanya looked back at Ritik, “Aren’t your friends helping you?”
“Of course, bhabhi, but we need your help, too. Come, on!” Divya pulled her out of the room before she could say anything more.
Ritik sighed. Ten minutes…that’s all he wanted…

“Shivanya!” he called for the fifth time.
“Haan, Ritik! I’m in the kitchen!”
He entered the kitchen, “What are you doing?”

“I’m almost done, don’t worry,” she assured him.
He leaned on the counter beside her, “You’ve been gone so long.”
She looked at him apologetically, “I’m sorry, I was helping Divya and her friends with the planning and then I was letting the servants know and I got caught up-”
“So basically, everyone else needs you and you go to help them, but when your husband needs you, he can wait?” he said grumpily as he watched her put things away in the fridge, “Can’t the servants do that?”
“They’re all busy with preparing for the party,” Shivanya explained.
He caught her hand and pulled her towards him, “If I don’t have you alone with me for at least ten minutes I will call all the servants and tell them to manage everything without you. The party can wait.”
“Ritik…I’m finished,” she reassured him.
“Ten minutes?”

She blushed, looking down, but he knew he’d won. Taking a quick look around to make sure no one was in the hall, he spun her around and lifted her up so she was sitting atop the counter. “Ritik!”
He grinned at her, “Ten minutes”
“Ritik, what if someone comes and sees us-”
“No one’s here, you told me yourself, they’re all busy with the party.”
“Shhh,” he cut her off with a finger to her lips and her gaze drifted downwards, as he parted her lips with his thumb. His other hand ran up her waist and he pressed himself closer to her, playing with strands of her hair and leaning down closer and closer, until his mouth was nearly brushing hers…
Voices came from down the hall and they both tensed. He ran a hand through his hair as he stepped away from her and she hopped off of the countertop, her cheeks flushed, as she left the kitchen before anyone came in. He felt quite irritable. Would he ever get his wife alone for at least ten minutes, or was fate completely against him?

They’d both gotten dressed for the party. She looked absolutely stunning in her blue-green sequined sari and he couldn’t resist hugging her from behind and taking the time to romance her. But, she wasn’t paying attention, her mind on other things, on the party. And at that, he was too frustrated. All he wanted were ten minutes with his wife, that was all, was it so hard?
She apologized with a hug and explanations, her eyes a little teary. She couldn’t bear to have him upset with her and really, he couldn’t stay upset with her either, teasing her and touching his forehead to hers as he hugged her again. “Shall we go down to the party, now?” he asked.
She nodded, smilingly and placed her hand in his as they left together.

He got into their bedroom, tired, but happy for Angad, even though he didn’t particularly like Maya.
He started to remove his coat, only to find two hands removing it for him. Shivanya smiled at him, “I’m glad Angad is happy.”

“Me, too,” he agreed. She put the coat away and he loosened the wrist cuffs of his shirt, yawning. Ritik removed her jewellery at the dressing table and he watched her contently, before getting up to help. He removed her earrings with careful precision and she shivered at his gentle touch. He had no idea the effect he had on her, when his fingers brushed across her earlobes, traced her neck to unlatch her necklace, not until his eyes lifted to the mirror and he saw her standing there with her eyes half-closed. He smiled and ran his hands down her arms to hold her hands, leaning his face into the crook of her shoulder. These small gestures of affection were an everyday part of their lives. “Who did this for you while I was gone?” he teased.
She opened her eyes, smiling at his reflection in the mirror, “I had to do it.”
“And did you think of me?”

“I thought of you every second.”
He turned her around so he could kiss her forehead, “Me, too.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and she rested her cheek against his chest. He loved this closeness. Simply having her with him in his arms was enough.
She loved having his arms around her, better and warmer than any blanket. He’d looked so hurt when she’d thoughtlessly unheeded him before. She hadn’t meant to. But, she certainly wasn’t going to leave him now, she was too happy to be with him, at last, alone.
She expected his next kiss to land on her lips but he pressed a sweet kiss to her cheek before stepping away, yawning, “I’m going to get ready for bed.” He was utterly exhausted.

He’d only taken a couple steps away when he felt her hand close over his wrist. He turned back slowly and she asked him, blushingly, “Can I have just ten minutes?” All thoughts of exhaustion fled, as he readily complied with her wish.
But, of course, with them, nothing ever lasted for just ten minutes.

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