Naagin Love OS (1)

Hello guys I saw that on Telly Updates there are not many Naagin or Rivanya OS’s so I thought I would write one. Sorry if there are any typos and tell me if I should continue writing OS or not if I get lots of comments I will write one OS a week so let’s get started

It was a quite night in Mumbai. The streets were empty and the lights in every house were on. It was a cool and quite night. The Reheja family was in the living room all playing and laughing. The Mathur Family had also come everyone was enjoying very much. But Shivanya was in her room standing near the window. She was staring at the moon. It was a full moons night. She was waiting….. She was waiting for him to come….She was waiting for Ritik….Ritik was the love of her life and she was ritik’s. She looked down from the window and saw a black car getting parked inside the house. A smile crept up on her face as she knew that Ritik had arrived. She saw him getting out of the car so she went down stairs still with a broad smile on her face. She went to the kitchen to prepare food for him. She lit the gas on the stove and took a container out of the fridge. She placed the container on the shelf when suddenly she felt two hands on her waist. She gasped and turned to see Ritik smiling at her. She saw him and got relieved. He hugged and said.

Ritik: Sorry janu aaj late ho gaya

Shivanya: Its okay

Ritik and shivanya the heated the food and went to the dining table Shivanya served Ritik and sat with him. Ritik took a spoonful of rice and tried to feed it to Shivanya. Shivanya stopped him and said

Shivanya: aap khaiye…

Ritik: I know you can’t eat without me….. Even I can’t eat without you first you eat then I will…

Shivanya had teary eyes seeing how much her husband loved her again a smmile crept on her face as ate the rice then with the same spoon ritik ate rice and then he kissed the spoon. Shivanya blushed and looked away. They finished their food and both went upstairs. Ritik took off his blazer and hanged it in the closet. He went to the bathroom to have a shower. Shivanga prepared the bed and got changed into her nighty. She sat in front of the dressing table combing her hair and remembering her moments with ritik. Just then Rutik came out if bathroom in towel. Shivanya turned and gasped seeing his husband like that. She then got up and layer in the bed. She took the blanket over her and closed her eyes. Ritik saw her and understood she was shy so he went and played on her. She smiled broadly he too smile seeing her smile he then kissed her neck passionately she felt his touch and closed her eyes ritik kept on going up and he finally reached her lips. Both were hugging eachothe and kissing it was a deep kiss. The kissed for 11 minutes then suddenly the door knocked and disturbed them…….

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