Naagin – Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 5)


Doctor: Ritik sir she is fine but has not yet gained her conscious.

Ritik: will she be ok

Doctor :probably

Ritik: what do you mean by probably

Midhuna: tell us doctor please

Doctor: you guys are insisting so I will let you know

Ritik: say

Doctor: Shivanya is very much injured as she was forced on bed. She is terribly bleeding and is writhing in pain. She is not able to control the pain. Just try to divert her mind when she wakes and take her out for some refreshment

Ritik with tears in his eyes : OK doc

Doctor leaves

Midhuna : I am sorry it’s because of me that she is in this stage

Ritik: not your mistake

Ritik goes to Shivanya room and sits beside her and keeps his hand on her tummy

Shivanya with her eyes closed writhes in pain.

Ritik: sorry sorry

Shivanya’ opens her eyes and says Ritik and tries to get up. Shivanya is unable to get up.

Ritik in order to divert her mind asks

Ritik: shall we go on a date dinner out??

Shivanya: of course

They get ready and go out and have dinner in hotel Marriott. They slowly dance on the song katra katra. Shivanya sees that it is raining outside and goes to get wet. Ritik followes her. They both get wet in the rain. They then go inside the hotel and Ritik asks for a room but Shivanya says two rooms. The argue and finally Shivanya accepts for one room. Shivanya says to Ritik that tomorrow is sangeet and day after marriage.. Ritik says that their wedding will be the world grandest wedding ever l.

They go into the room and Ritik locks the door. Shivanya gets nervous and says we are not yet married. Ritik comes near her and tries to get intimate. Shivanya run me into the washroom and Ritik asks her to come out. She says that she will come out only if he stays away from her for two days and after that she will be hers. Ritik promises..

They then go back home. Shivanya goes to her room and says to herself that every love story is beautiful but ours is the best. Shivanya smiles thinking about Ritik

Ritik in his room thinks that Shivanya I will keep you so happy that you will forget the meaning of tears.

The episode ends

To be continued

Precap: Shivanya and Ritik marriage vows…

Credit to: Shreyaa

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  1. Siddhi

    It is nice

  2. mouni roy fan

    sorty to interupt but they were martied right?

    1. I also think so ..

      1. No they were not married.

  3. mouni roy fan

    bot according to ur previous ffs they were maried in the 2nd epi inly.just check once

  4. Sorry guys I have written the title as love makes life beautiful instead of pyaar zindagi hai….sorry

  5. mouni roy fan

    its ok sometimes it

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