Naagin – Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 4)

Shivanya: yes Ritik we shall go for honeymoon. We shall go to Paris.
Ritik is very happy and he runs down to tell his mother

Yamini, Angad, Divyaand Amrita are sitting on
the table..

Ritik: maa where are you

Yamini: why are you shouting

Ritik: maa me and Shivanya are going for honeymoon…

All are shocked

Ritik: not honeymoon we are going for a holiday

Angad: brother even we have not been for a holiday since long

Divya: we all shall go

Amrita: good idea

Yamini: shut up all of you. Ritik you and Shivanya go for a honeymoon sorry sorry holiday

Ritik: we are just going to roam around

Yamini: roam around or do anything ( naughtily)

Ritik: no maa just roaming

Angad: where are you going

Ritik: Paris

Angad: all the best

Ritik runs to his room and says we shall leave now. The tickets are ready and they leave the house. The sit in the airport when Shivanya says

Shivanya: Ritik I am hungry

Ritik: goes to get food

The then board the flight and reach Paris. They also reach the hotel room.

Ritik locks the door. Shivanya gets nervous.
Ritik: I shall get fresh and come

Shivanya: ok

Ritik: goes to the washroom

After sometime Ritik comes and he asks Shivanya to go and get fresh.

Shivanya’ goes and takes bath but then she leaves her clothes outside. So she wears a bathrobe and comes out and sees Ritik working on his laptop. Shivanya slowly comes out and runs so that Ritik does not see her but he sees her. Shivanya looks into the mirror and she is making her hair dry. Ritik comes behind and hugs her and leaves his hand into the bathrobe. Shivanya turns towards him.

Ritik: you have come for honeymoon. Won’t to come to bed.

Ritik slowly tries to remove her bathrobe

Shivanya shoes away

Ritik: shivanya why are you shying away

Shivanya turns away. Ritik carries her and puts her on to the bed.

Ritik: will you remove your bathrobe or not. If you don’t then I shall remove it.on the Suhaagraat night you switched off the lights and hence I could not see you completely..

Shivanya turns. Ritik turns her back and lays her flat on the bed facing towards himself. Ritik puts his hand on the robe but Shivanya asks him not to.

Shivanya: please

Ritik: I am your husband

Shivanya doesn’t say anything. He removes her bathrobe and sees her completely. Shivanya closes her eyes. She is not wearing anything except her undergarment. Ritik kisses Shivanya on each and every part of her body and finally her lips. Ritik covers a blanket over them and starts becoming cost. Ritik gets too intimate with her and it starts hurting Shivanya.

Shivanya: Ritik it’s hurting me

Ritik: what happened

Shivanya: let’s please do this tonight. It’s hurting me very badly.

Tears start coming out of her eyes.

Ritik asks her to take a bath once again. She goes inside. Ritik hears something falling and goes inside the bathroom. There he sees Shivanya taking bath in the tub and goes inside and sits with her in the tub and they keep kissing each other.

Shivanya: we shall make today’s night the most special and memorable one.

Ritik: no not today. You said it’s hurting you

Shivanya: but I can’t stay away from you tonight.

They kiss each other sensuously on the lips..

The screen freezes showing them continuously kissing each other on the lips..

To be continued…...

PRECAP: shivanya and Ritik’s unimaginable intimacy and romance. Due to the intimacy Shivanya starts bleeding and Ritik calls for the doctor…

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  1. Good episode but it’s too much.Do it a little less romance then it will be’s my suggestion.

    1. Ok thanks.. hi I am shreyaa’s sister ritika.. and I am the one who wrote this ff..

    2. No its a good amount of romance and you should stick to it

  2. awesome episode

  3. guys you all may not know me.Because this is the first and last time i am commenting on any of the ffs.I am a silent reader.I would like to thank all those who r writing ffs on naagin.It is really very pleasurable to read those things which we actually wanted to happen on the show.We may not be able to completely fill the loneliness in our life because of naagin season 1 getting ended today but we may surely reduce some of sadness from our minds and hearts.

  4. ohhh a girl named Ritika wrote this ff. very good. as my name is Ritika… I am proud of my name….

  5. Siddhi is right

  6. agree with siddhi di…

  7. Ritika/ Shreyaa whoever writes this ff…pls update the next episode..asap.I m a silent reader….I read all the ff on margin…sidhi RS And shreyaa u guys r just amazing….lovely ffs….I loved all

  8. Nagin***

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