Naagin – Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 3)

Shivanya’a make up artist comes.

Ritk: Shivanya just go and get ready. None of my friends have seen you and moreover tonight you have to look gorgeous.

Shivanya: do I look beautiful only when I am with make up..

Ritik pulls shivanya closer and kisses her cheek.

Ritik: you look even more beautiful with out make up

Shivanya blushes

Rityk: I have given you such a credit treat toh bantha hai

Shivanya: treat

Ritik: yes

Shivanya: what do you want

Ritk: you need not give me I shall take it myself

Shivanya: OK

Ritik: can I take it

Shivanya: yep

Ritik comes closer to shivanya. He pits his hand into shivanya’s saree and moves it upwards. Shivanya closes her eyes and he kisses her lips. They lip locked themselves. Their sensuous kiss went on for 9 minutes. Shivanya breaks the kiss and says

Shivanya: I have to gt ready

Ritik: go

Sheshaa: who ever the hell you are I will send you very far away from my ritik Shivanya

Sheshaa takes a glass of milk and pits poison in the milk and goes towards shivanya’s room to give it to her. When she is about to enter the room the make up artist opens the door and hence the milk pours.

Make up artist: what the hell have you done to my dress

Shivanya: what happened

Make up artist: this female spilt milk on my dress

Shivanya: I am sorry

Sheshaa: sorry I actually bought milk for you Malkin andi spilt it by mistake

Shivanya: its OK I don’t drink milk

Sheshaa goes away.

Shivanya finally gets ready and looks gorgeous on a blue and white half saree.

The party starts..

Ritik’s friends have arrived- karan,ram,rahul,tanvi,samaira

Ritik’s friends: where is shivanya

Ritik: she will be here in a couple of minutes

A girl beautifully dressed in blue and white half saree comes down the stairs. Allnarw mesmerised by her beauty.

Ritik: she is…

Karan: shut up. I do not want to know where shivanya is. Look at that girl ( actually its shivanya)

Ritk: who

Karan: that girl in blue and white half saree

Ritik: do you know who she is

Karan : no

Samaira: karan can we go out for a date tomorrow

Karan: i dont like to go on a date with aunties

Samairah: aunty who? Me?

Karan: yes. Look at that girl i shall definitey take her on a date tomorrow..

Ritik: that girl is already married

Ram: but she is not wearing mangalsootra

Ritik: she is wearing but it isnt seen because she is wearing jewellery

Rahul: why are you worried so much. We will ask her if she is married..let me go

Rahul goes to shivanya

Rahul: hi

Shivanya: who are you

Rahul: can we talk for a few minutes

Shivanya: no I don’t know you so I can’t talk to you

Rahul: do you know ritik

Shivanya: yes

Rahul: I am his friend

Shivanya: so . OK then go and talk to him. Please leave me..ritk is right there

Rahul goes back to his friends where even ritk is present

Tanvi: ritik switsh off all the lights

Rahul: why

Tanvi: cause we have such a big tube light standing next to us

Rahul: shut up

Ram: just go and find out if she is married

Tanvi: OK

Tanvi goes to shivanya

Tanvi : hi

Shivanya: hi!!yes

Tanvi : can I ask you something if you don’t mind..

Shivanya: sure

Tanvi: are you married

Ankush: ladies and gentleman today is ritik’s and shivanya’s wedding party. Can we have the newly wedded at the centre of the hall please

Shivanya and ritk walk towards the centre.

All of ritik’s friends are surprised and feel sorry as they flirted with shivanya

Angad: today’s wedding party shall start with ritik and Shivanya dance. The song please.

Shivanya and ritik dance sensuously on the song kurbaan hua.

All clap after their dance

Ritik and Shivanya smile at each other..

Karan: I am really sorry shivanya

Rahul: me too

Tanvi: please forgive all of us

Shivanya: I haven’t taken it seriously

The wedding party finishes successfully

After the party shivanya and ritik in the room

Ritik: shall we go for honeymoon

Shivanya shyes…
Ritk hugs shivanya

The screen flashes showing ritik and shivanya hugging and smiling..

PRECAP: ritik gets happy when shivanya says yes for the honeymoon. He runs down and tells his mother that he and shivanya are going for honeymoon and then he realises and says holiday. Divya says brother we also haven’t gone for a holiday so let’s all of us go.yamini asks them to shut up. Shivanya and ritik pack their bags and leave to the airport..they reach Paris and enter the hotel room. Shivanya and ritik get very very intimate. Then shivanya and ritik talk bath together in the tub..

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