Naagin – Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 2)


Ritik lifts shivanya’s veil and Ritk shocked to see her. He murmurs to himself

Ritik: wow. Mann toh Marta hai main abhi suhaagraat manaalu.

Yamino: what happened

Ritk: nothing

Yamini: then fill shivanya’s maang with sindoor

Ritik: yes and fills shivanya’s maang with sindoor

The pandit aka ritik to tie the mangalsootra around shivanya’s neck Anne ties the mangalsootra.

Ritik: shivanya now you are mine ( in the mind)

Shivanya: I have become yours ( in the mind)

Ritk: shivanya I shall give you all the happiness in the world that you will forget the meaning of tears

Pandit says the marriage is completed and from now shivanyana and ritik are husband and wife. Ritik and shivanya get up to take elders blessings. They go to rathore and anhush and they bless them!. Rathore hugs shivanya. They then go to tapasya. Tapasya hugs shivanya and cries.

Tapasya: you have now become someone else’s property. Always be happy

Tapasya hugs ritik and asks him to

Tapasya: ritik beta keep shivanya happy. She loves you more than she loves her self.

Ritik: I love her more than that. Do not worry maa I shall keep her very happy thatbshe forgets the meaning is tears and sadness.

Tapasya: OK beta thank you

Shivanya goes to arjun and radhika. Radhika hugs shivanya.

Arjun hugs shivanya and says

Arjun: shivanya you are leaving us and going very faar away from us.

Shivanya: noo I just here in Mumbai. I am not leaving the world

Ritik: don’t ever talk like this once again shivanya

Arjun goes to ritik

Arjun: rikit please do keep my sister happy and do not let her cry or leave her alone. We all are leaving our baby doll to you. She is everything for us..

Ritik: do not worry. I love r ry muck and this is a promise from me.

Rathore: shall we leave

Ankush: where

Rathore: to Paris

Ankushm: why

Rathore: we should prepare ourselves to be away from shivanya which would take some time and hence we are leaving to paris

Tapasya: yes

Yamini: what yes you have to be with shivanya at this time

Tapasya: you are there and you shall love her more than I love her. O am sure

Yamini: yes . shivanya is not my daughter in law she is my daughter. Like amrita and divya she is also my daughter.

Rathore: shall we leave

All leave with tears in their eyes and heavy heart.. Shivanya cries hard not able to bare the separation from her parents..

Ritik: don’t cry Shivanya
Yamini: shall we leave to the haveli..

All of them leave

Shivanya and ritik get onto a rolls Royce car which has black coded windows so that people do not get to see wants happening in. There is a separation within the car between the front and the back seat so that the driver cannot see what’s happening behind.

The others take Lamborghini

On the way

Ritik: I love you shivanya

Shivanya: I love you too

Ritik very romantically touches shivanya’s face and kisses her cheek.

Ritik tries to remove the pin off her saree.

Shivanya: what are you doing

Ritik: you don’t know what I am doing

Shivanya: noo

Shivanya shyes away

Ritik goes very close to her and tries to kiss her lips.

Shivanya: ritik this is a car. We shall see all this tonight. Wait till that

Ritk: OK but one condition you shall not stop me tonight

Shivanya: shyingly nods her head

Ritik and shivanya reach the haveli and do the puja. After that they all return home.

Yamini: shivanya come along with me

Shivanya: yes maa and goes

Angad: brother you are Going to suhaagraat .. All the best

Ankush: beta do you know what you have to do

Angad: papa he knows everything

Ritik blushes.

Yamini prepares shivanya for the suhaagraat.

Amrita: shivanya all the best

Divya: bhabhi are you blushing

Yamini: shut up both of you

Yamini leaves shivanya in the decorated room.

Ritik comes in and locks the door. Shivanya gets nervous. Ritiknremoves shivanya’s ghunghat..

Ritik comes very close to shivanya and triesnto kiss by she moves away and goes to the window. Ritik followers her and kisses her back. He removes all her jewellery. At the last he removes Shivanya’s waist chain and pits his hand into her saree to touch her tummy..Shivanya turns towards ritik and looks romantically into his eyes. He kisses her on each and every part of her face. Shivanya unbuttons ritiks sharwani. Rotik takes off shivanya’s pallu and tries to remove her blouse. Shivanya pushes ritik away and rune into the washroom. In the bathroom shivanya removes all her clothes and wraps a towel around her and comes out. Ritik carries shivanya and puts her on to the bed and he removes his clothes. He touches Shivanya and removes her towel. Shivanya shyes and turns. Ritk senses shivanya feeling uncomfortable and hence turns her towards him and lies over her and he covers them with a quilt. Ritik begins kissing shivanya everywhere all over her. They finally have a sensuous kiss on the lips. Shivanya gets on top of ritk and starts romancing him. Shivanya switshes tthe light off and then takes away the quilt. They consummate their marriage. In the !morning shivanya wakes up and gets ready and goes down. Ritik follows her..

Yamin: today evening is yours and ritiks wedding party

Ritik: yes shivanya

Shivanya: oh OK I did not know it..

Ritik: I have appointed the best make up artist for you and she will be here in sometime

Yamini goes away

Shivanya: thank you

Maya: how was last night

Shivanya shyes and runs away

Maya: ritik you tell me

Ritik smiles and looks at shivanya

The screen flashes

To be continues….……

PRECAP: the party starts and ritik is mesmerised by her beauty. All the people eye shivanya as they don’t know who she is. Ritik friend karan flirts with her not knowing she is Shivanya. Theynhav seen her as they did not attend the marriage function. All ritik’s friends eye shivanya and ritik gets jealous. Ritik asks shivanya for a dance..they dance on the song kurbaan hua and wajah tum ho!!

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Credit to: Shreyaa

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