Naagin – Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 1)

Hi guys I am shreyaa and this is my 2nd ff

This is a love story amid shivanya and ritik which would have hurdles because is sheshaa. Shivanyaa is not a naagin. Seshaa is the only naagin in this ff.

Let me introduce the charactes:

1. Shivanya – a very rich business tycoon and world no 1 doctor

2. Ritk- a very rich hotel management tycoon

3. Sheshaa- naagin who is madly on love with ritik and is head over heels for ritik

4. Tapasya- shivanya mother

5. Rathore- shivanya father

6. Arjun- shivanya brother

7. Radhika- Arjuna wife

8. Yamini- ritik mother

9. Ankush- ritk father

10. Viren- ritik older brothrrbrother who has a crush on shivanya

11. Chhaya- viren wife

12. Amrita- ritik older sister

13. Angad- ritik younger brother

14. Divya- ritik younger sister

15. Tanvi- ritik friend

All belong to the raheja family as yamini and tapasya are sisters and rathore and an kush are brothers.

This ff starts with ritk and shivanya marriage.

Yamini: ritik beta wake up today is your marriage with shivanya

Ritik: just give me 7 minutes cause as i cannot sleep tomorrow

Yamini: why

Ritik: I would be a family man

Yamini: wake up soon you have to go to the parlour to get ready

Ritik: I am always handsome though o shall go

Yamini: you are very handsome

Ritik: maa can I get a cup of coffee from you for the last time

Yamini: last time why

Ritik: cause from tomorrow someone else shall wake me and give coffee

Yamini: can I ask you something

Ritik: yes go ahead

Yamini: are you happy getting married to shivanya

Ritik: do you have any doubt. I love shivanya more than myself. My day shall begin and end with her. The dreams that shivanya sees in her sleep I want to make it real when she wakes up.I just want to get married to her soon..

Yamini: I am very happy for you. But in case you want to spend your suhaagraat with shivanya tonight then you have to get ready fast.

Ritik: OK I have to get ready soon so please go

Angad: brother from today do not search for something that you will never get…

Ritik: what’s that

Ankush: freedom. From today you have to listen to what shivanya says. We may be cashew for the entire world outside the house but inside we are broomsticks

Amrita: ritik get ready quickly and after your marriage with shivanya we have to go to panchner haveli..

Divya: come let’s all go outside

Yamini: you get ready soon cause after marriage we have to go to haveli and come back home for your suhaagraat with shivanya

Ritik: OK

Tapasya: shivanya your make up artist has arrived

Shivanya: OK send her in

Tapasya: shall I ask you something

Shivanya: of course

Tapasya: do you love ritk and are you happy getting married to ritk

Shivanya: maa do you have any doubt. I love him very much and am very very happy getting married to ritik.

Tapasya: 100%?

Shivanya: I want to spend my entire life with ritik. I want to live for him and die for hom . I just want to become his as soon as possible.

Tapasya: just wait for 2 hours you shall become his

Shivanya: I shall become his completely tonight

Tapasya: you hated marriage and physical relationship now what happened

Shivanya: I can do anything for ritik maa

Tapasya: I am very happy for you shivanya

Rathore: what’s happening here

Tapasya: nothing..your daughter is ready to remove your name from her name and add someone else’s name.

Rathore: I can’t understand

Arjun: it means that shivanya is prepared to change her name from Shivanya Rathore Raheja to Shivanya Ritik Raheja

All laugh happily

Radhika: maa its getting late shivanya has to get ready. She’s just got 50 minutes.

All go out

Finally shivanya and ritik have finished getting ready. Shivanya looks extremely gorgeous in a golden lahenga woityh full of heavy jewelry from head to toe and ritik looks extremely hot in a golden sharwani.

The pandit calls the bride and groom down. Ritik comes down first and sits on the mandap. Shivanya sits beside him. The pandit starts the rituals and yamini does the ghatbandhan.

The pandit asks ritik and shivanya to get up to take the saath pheras.
Ritik goes ahead and takes the first 4 pheras and then shivanya takes the next three.

They sit back on their respective places. The pandit asks ritik to fill shivanya’s maang with sindoor. Ritik lifts shivanya’s ghunghat…..

To be continued………..

PRECAP: Shivanya and Ritik get married and go in Rolls Royce car which is black coded on the windows so that people do not get to see what’s happening in. There is a separation within the car between the front and back seat so that the driver does not see what’s happening. Ritik and Shivanya’s hot consumation..

Guys please comment below if you like my ff and rate it out of 10..

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