Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 9


Guys I am really sorry for late but I don’t get any idea but from now I will try my best to update regularly.

The episode starts with Yamini and Shivanya calls ambulance and takes Ritik to hospital.

They reach hospital and doctor takes him inside operation theater.

Yamini:Shivanya you remember me?

Shivanya:I don’t know you.

Yamini:You are my daughter in law and Ritik is my son remember me

She cries and Shivanya consoles her.

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:But Ritik is Tamanna aunty’s son.

After some hours each doctor comes out of operation theatre and says

Doctor:Ritik is perfectly fine just because of shock he got unconscious he can go home.

Shivanya and Yamini gets happy.They go inside but Shivanya gets a flashback of her previous birth life

She sees her self half unconscious inside the water with Ritik catching her hand.

Her flashback gets over when Ritik calls her.

Shivanya:Ritik are you fine?

Ritik:I am perfectly all right.


Ritik thinks that he have seen her but don’t knows where

Ritik:I have never met you but still I feel that I have met you.

Yamini:You are my son.

Ritik:But I am not your son.

Yamini:It’s your second birth.

Ritik and Shivanya gets confuse.

They all leave from the hospital and when Ritik and Shivanya goes towards car they turn and see Yamini not there.

Ritik:Where that lady gone?

Shivanya:She was trying to tell something but we dint understood.

Ritik:Let it be let’s go.

They both sit inside in other car and go home

Yamini is seen in a dark place.She had been tied with chair when a snake comes there and takes human form.She is Shesha

Shesha:I told you don’t come out from here then too you came and you were going to tell them the truth but it will not happen as I will not let you know the truth.

Yamini:Shesha always good wins and bad looses and you will also loose soon.

Shesha laughs evil and days

Shesha:It’s your imagination

Shesha goes from there.

Ritik drops Shivanya when he gets a flashback.

He sees himself in a dark forest when someone stabs him and he falls into river.

He Jerks and Shivanya asks

Shivanya:Are you fine?


Ritik goes from there.He thinks

Ritik:It was really a dangerous open eye dream

He reaches Bundela house and sees Tamanna siting on sofa and waiting for him.


Tamanna goes to him.

Tamanna:So my son came now come have dinner.

Tamanna takes Ritik to dining table and serves him food.

Ritik is lost thinking about the flashback

Tamanna:Ritik what are you thinking?

Ritik comes in sense

Ritik:Nothing ma

Tamanna:Okay dear have your food.

Ritik after having his food goes to sleep when he sees moon and thinks

Ritik:It feels like I know this moon from years and years but why?

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya’s engagement and Shesha to plan to kill Shivanya.

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