Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 7

Shivanya calls Prerna.

Shivanya:Hello ma

Prerna:Yeah what happend?

Shivanya tells everything to her on phone.

Prerna:What is the name of the boy?

Shivanya:Ritik Bundela.

Prerna thinks

Prerna:He son of my best friend Tamanna Bundela.

Prerna:Shivanya,I and your papa is coming there.

Prerna cuts the call.

At Ritik’s room he is working on a file when he feels that something is near him and if he will got to the thing then he will loose it forever.

Shivanya is standing in hall with Tamanna.A black snake (Shesha) secretly enters Bundela mansion.Shesha thinks

Shesha:Shivanya Ritik is my only.

She comes behind her and is about to bite her when Ritik comes there and she quickly goes from there.

Ritik comes to Shivanya and hugs her and asks

Ritik:Shivanya are you okay?

Shivanya and Tamanna are shocked.

Tamanna:What happen beta?

Ritik realises what he did and breaks the hug and says

Ritik:Actually I thought that Shivanya is in danger so I came here to ask whether she is okay or not.

Shivanya:Sir I am okay.

Ritik smiles and moves out of Bundela mansion.He sees Shesha in snake form and starts following her.

Here in Bundela mansion Pradeep and Prerna enters.

Tamanna sees Prerna and remember her


She goes to Prerna.

Tamanna:After so much years I have seen you.You are only mother of Shivanya?


Tamanna makes Pradeep,Prerna and Shivanya sits on sofa.

Tamanna:Prerna can you give your daughter’s hand in my son’s hand as my Ritik have markesh dosh in his Kundli and he can die anytime.Shivanya can only save him.

Pradeep and Prerna agrees.All get happy.

Ritik is following Shesha when the air starts blowing fast and Ritik lists his way.He reaches at the sea where he died in previous birth.

He unknowingly falls in the river.He knows swimming but flashback comes in his mind of previous birth and he loses his control.

Here Shivanya is not feeling good.She feels like if she will no reach the river then something very much important will go away from her.

She with saying a word goes out of Bundela mansion.Tamanna,Pradeep and Prerna starts following her.

Shivanya starts running towards the river where Ritik is there.

She reaches there and sees Ritik is unable to swim.She jumps into the river and helps him to come out of it.All are shocked to see this.

Tamanna:Ritik what happen beta?Wake up child.

All tries to wake him up and he finally wakes up.His eyes gets open and he first sees Shivanya.He remembers the flashback and stand and makes a distance between himself and Shivanya.

Tamanna:Are you okay Ritik?

Ritik:Yeah I am fine but what is she doing here?

Prerna explains him everything and Ritik is shocked.

Ritik:But I don’t want to get marry to her.

Tamanna:You have to get marry for the sake of mine.

Ritik couldn’t say anything and agrees for the marriage.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya to see Yamini and to get shock as they have never seen her still they feel a connection between them and Yamini.
Sorry for the very much late update.Now I will update regularly I promise.So pls comment and again I am sorry for late update.

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