Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 6

I am really really sorry for the late update.I as I don’t have idea and soon I will start a new ff on naagin which will be updated two times a week.So let’s start.

Ritik agrees for marriage and goes to his room.

He is sitting on bed when he gets a call 9n his phone.He removes his phone from pocket and a smile comes on his face as it’s Shivanya’s call.

Ritik:Hello Shivanya

Shivanya:Hello sir actually you forgot to take a important file.

Ritik remembers and says

Ritik:Oh I forgot.Please can you bring that file at my home?

Shivanya:Yes sir I will bring.

Ritij:Okay bye.

He cuts the call.

Shivanya leaves from office.Shesha in snake form comes there and sees Shivanya leaving.She thinks

Shesha:Today I will kill you

Shesha comes to her from back in snake form and is about to bite her but some power pushes her back and she falls on floor.Shivanya leaves to go to Ritik’s house.

Ritik is waiting for Shivanya in his room.

Shivanya comes at his house and Tamanna sees her and asks to come inside.

Tamanna:If I am not wrong then you are Shivanya only right?

Shivanya:Yeah mam but how you know?

Tamanna:Ritik told me about you.And by the way why you came here?

Shivanya:Actually sir forgot to take this file so I came to give him.

Tamanna:Okay Ritik is in her room so go and give him.

The pandit sees Shivanya.Shivanya is about to go in Ritik’s room when the pandit stops her and she turns and goes to pandit.

Pandit:Beta what is your name?

Shivanya:My name is Shivanya.

Pandit:Can you tell something about your Kundli?

Shivanya says little things about her Kundli.Tamanna is confuse.Pandit gets up from sofa and says to Tamanna

Pandit:This is the only girl who can save your son from markesh dosh.She can only save him from all bad.

Tamanna is shocked by also happy.

Shivanya is confused.

Shivanya:I dint understand.

Tamanna:Beta my Ritik is having markesh dosh in his Kundli which will take his life so you are the only one who can save my son.

Ritik comes out from his room and sees Shivanya and goes to her.

Ritik:Shivanya you were here only then why dint you came in my room?

Shivanya now have love and concern in her eyes for Ritik.

Shivanya:Sorry sir and take your file.

Shivanya gives the file to Ritik and Ritik takes it and get from there.

Tamanna:Shivanya you can only save my son from death please can you marry my son?

Shivanya is shocked.

Shivanya:Mam I will ask to my parents and whatever they will say I will do that only.

Tamanna:Shivanya call your parents here only know.

Shivanya agrees.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya’s marriage to get fixed.

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