Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 5


Ritik:Now no jokes now get ready as we have to go for meeting and you will come with me in my car.

Shivanya:But sir………

Ritik:No but come with me.

Shivanya agrees and both goes to Ritik’s car.After sometimes they reach to the place and the meeting starts.

Meeting gets over and Ritik is happy because meeting was successful.

Ritik:Shivanya you are really talented.

Shivanya:Thank you sir.

Ritik:Let’s leave for office.

Both leave for office.They reach office.Shivanya goes to work and Ritik sits in his cabin when Ritik gets a call and it’s the call of Tamanna.

Ritik:Hello ma

Tamanna:Ritik beta where are you?

Ritik:I am in office.

Tamanna:Come home fast.

Ritik:But why?

Tamanna:Now don’t ask questions and come home fast.

Ritik:Okay ma.

Ritik agrees.He cuts the call when he hears a knock on door and also to come in and she is Shivanya.

Shivanya:Sir actually tomorrow I can’t come.

Ritik:Okay Shivanya I give you a leave of one day.

Shivanya:Sir but you will give me leave without knowing any reason.

Ritik stand and goes towards her

Ritik:Because I believe that whatever the reason it would be good reason.

Shivanya:Thanks for believeing.

She is about to go when she slips and is about to fall when Ritik catches her but both fall down.

Shivanya comes on top of Ritik.Both are lost in each others eyes.When a image comes in front of their life of the time they speeded with each other in past life.Both are shock.Shivanya stands and Ritik also stands.He goes from there.

Ritik reaches the Bundela house.

Tamanna:Ritik beta are you okay?

Ritik:Ma I am okay but why are you asking?

Tamanna:Because Ritik you have markets dosh in your Kundli.

Ritik is shock and starts laughing.

Ritik:Ma I can’t believe that you believe in all this.

Tamanna:Ritik try to understand that you have a very dangerous dosh.If a simple pandit will also see your Kundli then also he will know that you have markets dosh in your Kundli.

Ritik:Ma you know I don’t believe in all this.

Tamanna:No Ritik.You have to marry so that marked dosh goes away from your Kundli.

Ritik listening about his marriage he gets upset.

Ritik:But ma

Tamanna:Ritik please at least for me.

Ritik agrees and goes from there.

Precap:Pandit matches Ritik and Shivanya’s Kundli and says that she can only save him from mouth of death.

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