Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 4

Prerna:When we will tell this to Pradeep then he will get very happy.

Ritik and Vijay are inside the car.Vijay is driving the car.Ritik is thinking about the snake only.Suddenly their car gets stop in between a forest.It was the same forest where Ritik and Shivanya died.

Ritik and Vijay comes out of the car.

Vijay:Bhai this car is not starting.

Ritik:Then call ma and ask her to send another car.

Vijay:Bhai actually I forgot to bring phone.

Ritik:You are really foolish.I will call.

Ritik removes his phone from his phone and sees that network is not there.

Ritik:Vijay you see if someone is there and here I will try to find network.

Ritik tries to find network till that Vijay goes to find someone.Ritik goes near to forest when something makes him come to forest.He comes to forest and goes towards the river where both Ritik and Shivanya died.

Kaun hai vo of bahubali plays

Kaun hai vo,Kaun hai vo
Kaha se vo aaya
Charo dishao me tejasa vo laya

A sudden image comes in front of his eyes of Ritik and Shivanya inside the river.He goes towards the river and touches it’s water when he gets a little current as in previous birth he died their.Ritik is shock and goes from there running.

Ritik goes towards his car and breaths heavily.Vijay comes with a man and the man repairs the car.

Vijay:What happen bhai why you look worried.

Ritik is about to say when he thinks not to say.

Ritik:Nothing I am not worried.

At night Pradeep comes to Shivanya’s room.Shivanya comes to him and hugs him and says

Shivanya:Papa I got the job.

Pradeep gets really happy.

Pradeep:Really.Now work hard and make my name famous.

Shivanya:Yeah dad.

At morning Shivanya leaves for office.She reaches office and goes inside Ritik’s cabin.


Ritik turns toward her and he remembers what happened yesterday and thinks

Ritik:Yesterday I saw her inside the river with me.



Shivanya:Sir do I have any work?

Ritik:Yeah actually there is a important meeting and I want you to attend it with me.

Shivanya:Sure sir.

Ritik thinks to joke with her.


She stops and turns towards him

Shivanya:Yes sir

Ritik:Shivanya be careful as your of 25 KV you can fly over anywhere.

Ritik laughs and Shivanya says

Shivanya:Sir you all so take care of yourself as you are just like a pencil.

Now Shivanya laughs and Ritik seeing her laugh he smiles.

Precap:Shivanya falls over Ritik.

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