Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 3

Both Ritik and Shivanya are thinking when they come their sense.

Ritik:So you came for job interview.

Shivanya:Yes sir.

Ritik:So give me your files.

Shivanya gives him the files and he starts checking it.

He takes her interview and says

Ritik:You are selected.

Shivanya smiles and says

Shivanya:Thanks sir

Ritik:No thanks.

Shivanya smiles and goes from there.Ritik is still lost in her.

Ritik is working when he gets a call on his phone.

Ritik:Hello Ma

Tamanna:Hello Ritik.Actually I want that you and Vijay go to temple.

Ritik:But Ma I am busy now I can’t go.

Tamanna:Please beta.

Ritik smiles and says

Ritik:Okay Ma and send Vijay.


He cuts the call.

After sometimes Vijay comes to office and both Ritik and Vijay leaves for temple.

They reach the temple and takes blessings from God and Ritik is about to go when he sees a
snake and starts following the snake.He is
following the snake but Vijay calls him so he goes from there.The snake reaches to a forest and takes human form.She is none other then Shesha.

Shesha:Ritik din’t become my but now I will make him.He is all my.

Shesha takes Ritik’s photo and caresses his photo.

Shesha:You are my love.For you I killed my own sister and I can kill anyone.

Shesha laughs evily.

Shivanya goes to her house.She goes to her room and lays on bed and remembers Ritik.She smiles and thinks

Shivanya:What is happening with me?Why I feel good when I think about Ritik sir?

Shivanya is laying on and is smiling when Prerna comes there and sees this all and says

Prerna:About whom are you thinking?

Shivanya Jerks out from her thought and says

Shivanya:I am thinking about anyone.

Prerna:Really?So why were you smiling and blushing?

Shivana:Ma just like this.

Prerna:Okay I will come to know later.But first tell did you got the job?

Shivanya hugs her and says

Shivanya:Yeah Ma I got the job.

Prerna:Really!When Pradeep will listen this he will get really happy.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya’s nok jhokh.

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  1. Update next episode soon it’s very scintillating

  2. Good very good episode siddhi pls continue asap ☺

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks karan

  3. Season 2 seems very interesting please continue and add some rivanya romance.

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks kuku and till now rivanya not met each other so romance would be not there but soon will come

  4. Very Nice siddhi..good plz continue

  5. Nice waiting for next and sorry siddhi di i didn’t comment on us previous episode bcoz I m very busy sorry

    1. Siddhi

      It’s okay ayesha and thanks for comment ☺

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