Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 2


Vijay leaves doctor.Tamanna comes to Ritik.Ritik opens his eyes.


Ritik:MA what happen to me?

Tamanna says what happen to him.Ritik tries to wake up when Ranvijay Ritik’s father comes there and stops him.

Ranvijay:Beta you take rest.

Ritik:But papa I have to do work.

Vijay comes there and says

Vijay:Aree bhai because of work only you are in this situation.

Tamanna:Yeah Ritik,Vijay is right you please take rest.

Ritik agrees and everyone goes from there.When he closes his eyes he sees that someone (Ankush) stabs him the knife and he falls into water.He shouts and Tamanna comes there and gets worried.

Tamanna:What happen beta?

Ritik thinks not to tell.

Ritik:No ma nothing just headache.It will get normal when I will do rest.MA you go.

Tamanna goes from there.

At night Shivanya comes in her night dress and lays on bed.When she closes her eyes she sees someone (Shesha) stab her and she shouts and Pradeep and Prerna her parents comes there.

Prerna:What happen Shivanya? (Worriedly)

Pradeep:Beta tell.

Shivanya tells what she saw and Pradeep says

Pradeep:It would be just a dream relax.

Pradeep lays her and Prerna and Pradeep sits beside her.Then Shivanya sleeps.

At morning Shivanya is getting ready and Pradeep comes to her and says

Pradeep:So my princess is going for interview.

Shivanya:Yeah papa.And give me your blessings.

Shivanya touches his feet.

Pradeep:Princess my blessings are always with you.

He kisses her forehead.Shivanya goes from there.

Ritik is getting ready for office.When his heart starts beating faster and he thinks

Ritik:Why my heart is beating fast?I feel like I am going to meet my some loved one.

Shivanya comes to hall and Prerna comes and says

Prerna:All the best Shivanya and eat this.

Prerna makes her eat sugar and yogurt.

Shivanya then says bye and goes out.She is sits in her car when her heart starts beating fastly.She keeps her hand on her heart and closes her eyes and a image comes in front of her of Ritik.She smiles but she don’t knows why she smiled.She thinks that nonsense and goes for interview.

Ritik reaches at office.He goes to cabin.After sometimes he hears a knock on door and asks to come and it’s Shivanya.Both are shocked to see each other.Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:He is the only one I always see him in my dream.

Ritik thinks

Ritik:Why always she comes in my dreams?

Precap:Ritik to come to temple and to see a snake.He will follow that snake when Vijay will call him and will go from there.Then the snake will turn into human whose face is not visible.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Its awesome! I think that snake is shesha
    I’m sorry Shivali, but if you don’t mind then you can comment in my ff also

  2. Very good siddhi…LOVED IT

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