Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 11

Guys please comment in this ff.I want to continue this ff because it’s second season of my first ff so please if you will atleast comment 10 then i will update like i update rivanya forever.

The episode starts with the preparation of engagement.It was afternoon and engagement was in evening.Decorations were almost complete for ritik and shivanya’s engagement.

It was evening and Shivanya was getting ready.Prerna too was making her ready.

Prerna:My daughter is looking really beautiful.You are the gorgeous girl.

Shivanya:Thank you ma.

Prerna,Pradeep and Shivanya leaves for Bundela house.

In Bundela house,in Ritik’s room he was getting ready.He was wearing a blue jacket and white kurta.He was looking handsome.

Vijay entered inside his room.

Vijay:Wow bhai you are looking super handsome.

Ritik:Thanks Vijay

Ritik got ready and came to hall.There he saw Shivanya entering.She was looking heavenly beautiful.She was wearing a blue lehenga.

Ritik was lost in her.Shivanya too was lost in him.

Vijay:Bhai you are lost in bhabi know?

Ritik comes in sense


Vijay:Don’t tell lie i know.

Ritik blushes.

Shivanya gets a call on her phone so she goes out of the hall.

She is talking when someone comes from her back with knife in her hand.She is Shesha.

She is about to stab her when Sheshnag comes in front of her.Sheshnag bites her hand.Knife falls down from her hand and she takes snake form and leaves from there.Shivanya feels someone is behind her.She turns but finds no one there.

Shivanya:I think it would be my imagination.

She leaves to go inside the hall.She enters the hall but someone catches her hand and pushes her in a dark room.

Shivanya:Leave me who are you?

Man:Be quiet dont worry.

He is Ritik.

Shivanya:Why you brought me here?

Ritik:I wanted to know you more.

He brings his face near to her face.

Shivanya:Ritik what are you doing?

He brings his face more near.She closes her eyes and finally he switches on the light.

Ritik:It was too dark so thought to switch on the light.

Shivanya feels shy.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya to get engaged.

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