Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 10


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The episode starts with Ritik stares the moon but comes in sense and then goes to sleep.

At morning preparations were there for Ritik and Shivanya’s engagement.

Tamanna:Today is my son’s engagement so do the preparation properly.

Ritik comes down and sees all and gets happy and thinks

Ritik:I am very lucky to have a mother my mom.

Ritik comes to Tamanna and hugs her.

Tamanna:So my sweet boy has a waked.

Ritik:Yeah man

Tamanna:Ritik at evening your engagement is there so get ready

Ritik goes to get ready

Shivanya feels lucky to marry Ritik when she feels a hand on her shoulder.She is Prerna.

Prerna:Shivanya why are you getting shy?

Shivanya:Ma I am not

Prerna:No need to give excuses I know in this situation all girls get shy.

Pradeep comes there.

Pradeep:Your ma is right

All the three gets happy.

Here in forest Shesha is angry because of Rivanya’s engagement.

Shesha:I have to kill Shivanya but how?

Shesha gets a idea

Shesha:She will get engage with Ritik then only when she will reach there.

She smiles evily.

Yamini is still tied

Yamini:Shiv Ji please save Shivanya from Shesha.

Precap:Shesha is about to stab Shivanya but she gets save.Rivanya romance.

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