Naagin – Love forever (Promo)


Ankush:Now Ritik and Shivanya be ready to die.

Ankush laughs evily.

Sukanya and Shesha tortures gurudev and asks

Sukanya:Why all the naagin’s are getting attracted towards Ritik?

Gurudev:Because he is not a normal human.

Sukanya and Shesha are shocked.

Shivanya comes at the edge of mountain and she turns and sees Shesha and she pulls Shivanya and Shivanya into river.

Ankush stabs the knife into Ritik’s stomach.Ritik have tears and he falls down into a river.

Will be this the end of Ritik and Shivanya’s lovery stay? Or a miracle will save them from the door of deaths?

So guys how is the promo hope you will like it.This is my first promo of naagin love forever ff.Only 2 or 3 episodes are left in my ff so please comment loads in my ff as 2 or 3 episodes are only left.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Its quite interesting. Vvvvvvvv nicccccceeeeeeee….

  2. Siddhi ur ff naagin love forever is very boring pls end ur ff soon and today I will start my ff and see i will get more comments then you.

  3. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)


  4. Awesome

  5. Ya very intresting waiting for episode 1☺

  6. let’s see Ayub…

    1. Me her my Ffestiniog I hate you-naagin is posted type it on search bar and after wards tell me whose Ffestiniog is nice my or siddhi’so?

  7. awesomeeeee siddhi di.. I am a big fan of yours…..

  8. I really adore the way you write your ff’s. I don’t want you to end Naagin forever but if you are ending it please end it on a high note.

    1. My ff will end differently so accept it.And I will write naagin love forever season 2.

  9. I will definitely miss your ff

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