Naagin – Love forever Episode 9 (Maha episode)

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:Something is going to happen.

Yamini comes and says

Yamini:Shivanya actually things for aarti is not there so can you bring it.

Shivanya:Yeah maa I will bring.

Shivanya goes to buy.Shivanya buys the things and is about to go when she sees Shesha in snake form and a new laptop is trying to kill her.She gets worried and goes to them but the new law takes Shesha to forest.She takes snake form and goes to forest.She comes in human form and sees no one.Sukanya and Shesha comes from behind.


Shivanya turns and sees Sukanya and sits down and says

Shivanya:Rani Sukanya did I done a mistake?

Sukanya:Yeah you did a big mistake by taking my love Ritik away from me.Now you will get punishment.

Shivanya is shock.

Shivanya:But Rani Sukanya

Sukanya:Shut up.

Then Sukanya and Shesha attacks on Shivanya and ties her with tree.

Sukanya:Now Ritik and I will become one forever.

Shivanya:Rani Sukanya you are not doing right.

Sukanya:Shut up.

Sukanya goes to Raheja house and says to Yamini

Sukanya:Maa take your things.

Yamini:Thank you Shivanya.Now you take rest.


She goes to Ritik and Shivanya’s bedroom.She sees Ritik’shivanya photo and thinks

Sukanya:I don’t know but how I fell in love with you.

At forest Shivanya is thinking

Shivanya:Shiv ji do something that my love don’t go away from me.

At night Ritik comes in house and goes to his bedroom.He sees a gift on bed and it’s written Ritik.He removes the wrapper and sees a beautiful bracelet and thinks

Ritik:I know Shivanya has only given me.

Sukanya comes and keeps her hand on his shoulder.

Ritik turns and says

Ritik:Thank you Shivanya.

He hugs her and she hugs him back.Suddenly Ritik feels pain in his hand

Ritik:Shivanya my hand is paining very much.

Sukanya remembers while attacking on Shivanya she gets hurt on hand.

Sukanya:Don’t worry it will get fine.I will bring ice.

Sukanya brings ice and puts on his hand and says

Sukanya:You sit here I will come soon.

She goes to Shivanya and says

Sukanya:Why Ritik’s hand is paining where your hand has got hurt?

Shivanya:Rani Sukanya it’s true love.When our loved ones get hurt then we feel pain.Rani Sukanya you are not doing right.

Sukanya:Shut up you weak naagin.How.

With her big nails she scratchs her left cheek and Ritik feels pain in his left cheek.

Precap:Ritik unties her and takes her into his arms as she is unconscious and take her to Shiv templet.

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  1. awesome siddhi di. rittik ke pise itne naagin keu pare hai. usme itna spiceal kya hai.

    1. You will know later.

  2. Guys when serial Naagin will end then I will start my ff Naagin season 2.

  3. niceee siddhi di .meher se mai barbar pise par jatiho….

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