Naagin – Love forever Episode 8


Sukanya:A queen of naagin has fallen in love with a human and it not a normal thing.

Shesha is very angry and thinks

Shesha:At any cost I will make Ritik my.I will kill that Shivanya and whoever will come between me and Ritik I will kill them also.

Sukanya sees Shesha and goes to her and says

Sukanya:So Shesha what are you thinking?

Shesha turns and sees Sukanya and is shock and sits down and says

Shesha:Rani Sukanya I was thinking nothing.Is there any work for me?

Sukanya:Yeah.Unfortunately I loved a human and now I want him at any cost. Whether by hook or crook.

Shesha:Who is that human?

Sukanya:His name is Ritik Raheja.

Shesha is shock and thinks

Shesha:What!How it is possible?How can three naagin’s love one human?

Sukanya:Shesha what are you thinking?

Shesha:Rani Sukanya I was thinking how much lucky he is that queen of naagin has fallen in love with him.

Sukanya:Yeah you are right.

Shesha:But its not possible.

Sukanya gets angry and says

Sukanya:Hey you weak naagin.How dare you that you tell I can’t make him my.

Shesha:He is Shivanya’s husband and loves her very much.

Sukanya:So I will not leave Shivanya.She has did a big mistake to take my love away.I will kill her.

Shesha:Rani Sukanya I will help you to kill her.

Sukanya:I don’t need anyone’s help but you can help me.

Sukanya and Shesha laughs evily.

Shivanya is working in kitchen and a sudden image comes in front of her eyes.The image is that a girl who’s face is not visible is taking away Ritik from her.She thinks

Shivanya:What was this?Is it telling that someone is going to take my Ritik away from me?

Shivanya gets tensed and tears rolls down her cheeks.

Ritik is in office in his cabin and is doing file work.A image comes in front of his eyes that Shivanya’sit life is in danger and he gets worried.He calls Shivanya

Ritik:Hello,hello Shivanya are you okay? (Worriedly)

Shivanya:Yeah Ritik I am okay but why are you worried?

Ritik:I saw that your life is in danger.



Shivanya:Ritik don’t worry I am fine.

Ritik:Okay then bye.


Shivanya cuts the call and thinks

Shivanya:Something is going to happen.

Precap:Sukanya and Shesha to attack Shivanya.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. very niceeee. three snakes and one human. it will be great. continue writing….

    1. Thanks Ritika and I will continue.

  2. Hey guys how much comment you give me give that much comment on ff Pyaar Ki da Astana also.Why don’t you give me this much comments in fact Pyaar Ki da Astana ff should get more comments.

  3. because we love ur ff siddhi di

    1. Thanks but naagin’s other ff Pyaar Ki daAstana is also nice I think it is better then me.

  4. Pls try to make long updates. And beautiful ff.

  5. i m new in this but i love this very nice

  6. i m new but i love this very nice

  7. hiii i m new but i love it

  8. hii i m new here but i like it

  9. both of ff are good in diffetent ways siddhi di. but why don’t u continue ur other ff like i love u more than my life amd naagin yhm and devakshi

    1. Actually I am busy from some days so only can update this ff.

    1. Don’t get sad I will try to update.

  10. dekhie didi apko kitna comment milraha hai

    1. Yeah u are right but in 9th episode I am getting less comments.By the today episode 10 will also be updated.

    2. I know but not getting very much comments in episode 9.By te way today 10th episode will be updated.

  11. siddhi di its okay jaruri nahi ki har din ek jaysa comment aye. u r gettin comments that is the big thing. so do not lose heart ok???

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