Naagin – Love forever Episode 7


Shivanya hugs Ritik.

Ritik:Now take rest.

He kisses her forehead and goes from there.Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:Shiv ji do something or Shesha will trap my Ritik.

At forest Shesha thinks

Shesha:That Shivanya again came in between me and Ritik.And when I gone in temple she was not there means she has gone to Ritik.

At Raheja house

Yamini:We have to do something Anky ji or that naagin will kill our family.


Ritik:Maa if she will do something to my Shivanya then I will kill her.

Yamini:No beta she will harm you.

Angad:But why naagin wants to kill our family?

Yamini and Ankush gets tensed

Ankush:Angad leave all that.

Yamini:Ritik first of all put bail patras on windows and doors.

Ritik:Yes maa.

He goes and puts all the bailpatras on windows and doors.

Ritik:Maa now we all are safe from naagin.

Yamini:Hope so.

Ritik:Maa I will go to Shivanya and see whether she is fine.

He goes to room and sees Shivanya sleeping peacefully.Shivanya so sits beside her and says

Ritik:Shivanya you are very good.I din’t believef at love but when you came in my life I started loving you.Ritik is about to go when Shivanya catches his hand and he again sits beside her.

Shivanya hugs Ritik and says

Shivanya:Ritik promise me that whatever happens you will never leave me.

Ritik:I promise,but why?

Shivanya:Just like this only.


He comes near her and says

Ritik:And promise me that you will always smile like this.

Shivanya:Yeah I promise you.

Ritik kisses her cheek and is about to kiss her she pushes him little and says

Shivanya:Don’t you have to go to office.It’s 8 of morning.

Ritik:it I don’t want to go.

Shivanya:You have to go.

Ritik:Okay as you say I will go.

He leaves for office.

He drives the car when suddenly a girl comes in front and he stops car.He comes out and sees a 21 or 22 year girl and he asks

Ritik:Are you okay?

Girl:Yeah I am okay.

Ritik:Come with me where you want to go I will drop you.

Girl:No its fine.

Ritik:Are you sure?


He leaves for office.The girl

Girl:Ritik you are my love but you don’t understand.The king of naagin has fallen in love with human.It’s not a normal thing.Me Sukanya the Queen of naagin’s will get Ritik at any cost.

Precap:ShIvan yamini to do pooja of Lord Shiva.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Precap is Shivanya does pooja of Lord Shiva. Friends I want more then 40 comments or I can’t write this ff.My parents are fighting with eachother then also with difficulties I have written this for you all so I want more then 40 comments it’s a humble request.I have always completed everyone’s request so now complete my request also by giving me more 40 comments in all episodes.

  2. Nice update siddhi 🙂

  3. Actually i don’t comment on lot of ff’s but truly urs is very nice. Please add more nok jhok of rivanya. Loved it

    1. Thanks saas have and I will add rivanya’s nokh jhokh

  4. very niceeee siddhi di…

  5. Guys this is last episode of my ff as because of less comments I can’t write this ff anymore.As my parents are fighting because of that with difficulties I have wrote this ff.So this will be final episode of my ff.

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    1. No no I am not angry with anyone but with many difficulties I write ff but I get less comments that’s why I am ending it and it’s my last episode.

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  14. Tell me which two ff should I continue for some days

    1.Naagin-Love forever

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    I know that I have already asked but I din’t got my answer so please tell me again.

  15. i know it is really irritating to ask do u know about badtameez dil serial?

    1. No not much.When it started I use to see by it got boring so stopped seeing it.

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