Naagin – Love forever Episode 5

Shesha thinks

Shesha:It feels very good to stay near Ritik.

Ritik hugs the break and says

Ritik:Now let’s go to our room.

Shesha:Ritik see how much speciall today’s night will be.

At temple Shivanya is in pain thinking.

Shivanya:Shiv ji please do something and stop Shesha from doing anything wrong.

Gurudev comes and says

Gurudev :I got the remedy.

Gurudev applies the medicine and says

Gurudev:Till tomorrow you will be perfectly fine.

Shivanya:Hope so.

Ritik and shesha comes to room.

Ritik:I will get fresh and come.

He goes and shesha thinks

Shesha:Finally Shivanya is not their between me and Ritik.

Ritik comes out and Shesha hugs him and says

Shesha:Ritik I love you.

Ritik gets happy and says

Ritik:Shivanya I love you too. (Hugs her)

Shesha hugs him back and then she starts kissing his neck.Shesha seduces Ritik.The window is open and because of that the moon light comes on her skin and he comes to know that she is not Shivanya and pushes her her back and says

Ritik:Don’t touch me.You are a naagin.

Shesha is shock and tries to attack Ritik and he tries to stop and shesha is about to bite him when she stops and takes snake’s form and goes from there.Ritik thinks

Ritik:If she is not Shivanya then where is my Shivanya.

He gets tensed and starts finding Shivanya at whole house but he doesn’t finds her and he calls the whole family in hall and says

Ritik:Maa Shivanya is not in house and instead of her a naagin was there who took Shivanya’s avatar.

Yamini:Hey Shiv ji please save her from naagin.

Angad:Bhaiya let’s go and we will find Bhabi together.

Ritik:Comes let’s go.

Both sit inside the car and Angad drives the car.At Raheja house everybody are worried for Shivanya.

Yamini:Anky ji do something our bahoo is missing.

Ankush:I am thinking if Shivanya is fine.

At temple Shivanya is in pain and thinking about Ritik

Shivanya:Shiv ji please protect Ritik from all bad.

Ritik and Angad are trying to find Shivanya but are not able to find.

Precap: Shivanya comes back and Ritik hugs her tightly.

Friends I know this episode is pretty short but next time I will write long episode.

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