Naagin – Love forever Episode 4


Shesha:Ritik is my and my only.

Shesha takes snake’s form and goes to kitchen where Shivanya is making praised for pooja.Shesha is about to bite her when Ritik comes and says

Ritik:Shivanya I am not getting my watch.Do you know where is it?

Shivanya:I know I will take it out.

Shivanya goes to room and ritik follows her.

Shivanya goes towards the cupboard and opens it and takes the watch out and says

Shivanya:See i kept it safe.

Ritikabir pushes her towards him and says

Ritik:Oh my wife cares about me and my thing.Hammersmith how romantic.

He brings his face near her and is about to kiss her on lips but she pushes him and goes out from the room.

Ritik:For how much time you will run away from me.

Shivanya comes to kitchen and starts her work.

Shesha thinks

Shesha:That time you got saved but this time you will not stay alive.

Shesha takes the knife and stabs it on Shivanya’s back.Shivanya realises but doesn’t shout.She takes snake’s form and goes from there.

Shesha:Shivanya will die in some hours and now Ritik is all mine.

She takes Shivanya’s form and starts preparing for pooja and thinks

Shesha:Today’so night will be very special.Ritik and I will be together forever.

Shivanya goes to Shiv mandir and takes human form.Seeing her in bad condition.Seeing her in this condition,gurudev applies medicine on her back.

Gurudev:Shivanya who did this with you?

Shivanya:Shesha did this.

Gurudev:But she is your sister,she loves you very much.

Shivanya:Gurudev,I also thought she loved me.But she did this for Ritik.

Gurudev:What she wants from Ritik?

Shivanya:She has fallen in love with Ritik that’s why she did.I can’t beleive my own sister did this with me. (Tears rolls down her cheek)

Pooja starts.Both Shesha and Ritik sit in pooja.After the pooja Ritik tells

Ritik:Shivanya since afternoon I am getting worried about you.Are you alright?

Shesha:Ritik I am alright.Don’t worry about me.(keeps her hand on his cheek)

Ritik:But then also Shivanya am getting in worried about you.

Shivanya:No one can harm me Ritik don’t worry.

Ritik:You tell then I will not worry.

Ritik hugs her and she hugs him happy and smiles and thinks

Shesha:It feels very good to come near Ritik.

Precap:Shesha seducing Ritik.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  3. very nice. when u will update next siddhi di?

  4. it is nice as usual , update this ff and ur ff the promise I gave u as soon as possible ok , I thought u would post that ff today itself , I was waiting for that yar

    1. Sorry I will try to update it tomorrow at morning.I will try to update two part 0f the Promise I Gave you.

  5. Siddhi this ff is nice but I like ‘dil ki baatein’ more. Plz write that ff also fast. I am getting curious more and more about it.
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    1. Okay tomorrow I will update dil Ki Baatein.

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