Naagin – Love forever Episode 3


Recap:Ritik and Shivanya emotional and Yamini to keep markesh dosh pooja in order to save her son.

Ritik:Yeah right.

Shivanya:So let’s get ready.

Ritik:Why are you doing hurry?

Ritik comes near Shivanya.He lays her down lays on top of her and kisses her cheek.Also kisses her neck and is about to kiss her lips but Shivanya pushes him and says

Shivanya:I think if we will do all this then we will get late for pooja.

Ritik:Pooja is at evening and it’s afternoon so what’s the problem?

Shivanya:But I have to decorate the house so I am going.

And she goes from room.Ritik thinks

Ritik:How much time you will run from me.You will come near me.

Shivanya is asking workers to decorate house properly as this is for her husband.

Shivanya is going to kitchen but Ritik catches her hand and takes her to pillar and says

Ritik:How much work will you do?Spend some time with me.

Shivanya:Ritik you are getting naughty day by day.Please let me go.

Ritik:No first give me a kiss on cheek then only.


Ritik:No but or else I will not let you go.

Shivanya:Okay then

Shivanya touches his right cheek with her and kisses him on left cheek and Ritik let’s her go from there.Ritik gets happy and goes to his room.

Ritik is talking in phone in his room when a black snake comes.It’s none other then Shesha.

Shesha hides behind curtains and thinks

Shesha:Shivanya took my love from me now I will take her love from her.Ritik is my and my only.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. I have entered Shesha.Please comment on my ff.

  2. nice

  3. Can you please make the ff long.

    1. Yeah of course I will make the ff long.

      1. Can u also add a precap

      2. Your ff is fantabulous….pls do not stop it…

  4. Superb

  5. plzz don’t stop writing, siddhi

    1. Slowly I am getting comment so I willike not stop writing.

  6. Nice ff but I agree with shreya keep the ff longer. It is too interesting.

    1. Sure I will write ff long.

    2. Thanks for your support alia

  7. When will upload the next ff along with the precap??

    1. It will update tomorrow.

  8. So..nice …episode…it will be interesting….continue

  9. siddhi when you will update next

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