Naagin – Love forever Episode 20 (Last Episode)

Guys I am happy and sad.I am happy because I completed 20 episodes of this ff and sad that this is last episode of my ff.Please comment loads.If I get many comments then I will write season 2 of ff very soon and if will get less comments then would take a little time.

Ritik and Shivanya are unconscious inside the river.Their body floats and by floating their body comes to eachother.But suddenly their both eyes gets open.Before dieing they both catch their hand and promising to eachother that they will be always one in all births.They both die.But their hand are in eachothers.

Shesha goes to Sukanya and says

Shesha:Sukanya your big enemy Shivanya is no more in this world.

Sukanya:Very good Shesha but I am shocked why naagin’s fall for Ritik.


Sukanya and Shesha goes to Gurudev and starts torturing him.

Sukanya:Aye gurudev tell us why all naagin’s love Ritik very much?

Gurudev:Because he is not a normal human.


Gurudev:Yeah Ritik is a naagin and human’s son.

Sukanya:But he is Yamini’s son and she is a human.

Gurudev:Yeah Yamini is a human but before Ritik was born she was a naagin and that Ankush was human and when Ritik was born Yamini’s all power gone away but that power gone to Ritik in form of attraction of naagin’s towards Ritik.But he is a human only.

Shesha and Sukanya are shocked.

Flashback ends

Sukanya:Now I understood why I loved Ritik.

Shesha:Now Ritik is all yours Rani Sukanya.


Sukanya and Shesha laughs evily.

Sukanya and Shesha are laughing when they see Ankush and are shock and hides behind tree.

Ankush:Today finally that Ritik has died.Now all property will be my.

Ankush laughs.

Sukanya and Shesha are shocked.

Sukanya:Ankush Raheja!!!!!!!!!!!

Ankush turns and gets scared because Sukanya is in her half snake and human form.

Sukanya:You killed my Ritik now I will kill you.

Shesha also comes there.Both become one and they both burns Ankush’s by fire from there mouth.


Ankush burns and this is seen by Yamini,Angad,Amrita and Divya.

Yamini:Anky ji.

She and Angad,Divya and Amrita goes to them.

Yamini:You killed my husband.What was your enmity with Anky ji? (With tears)

Sukanya:Your husband killed my Ritik.

All are shocked.

Angad:No you are telling lie papa loved bhai very much.

Shesha:We have only listen from his mouth.

All the four starts crying.


Amrita:Ritik can’t die they are telling lie.

Sukanya:I loved Ritik and I can’t tell like this lie. (With tears eyes)

Yamini:Angad call the police and tell them to search Ritik whole the forest.

Angad calls the police.

Yamini:Come with me I was not knowing who I thought is a good person he killed his own son.

They go from there.Sukanya and Shesha starts crying.Then Shesha removes the knife which Sukanya gave to kill any icchadhari naagin.She stabs Sukanya.

Sukanya:Shesha you cheated me.

Shesha:Yeah I also loved Ritik but he died because of you that’s why now you can’t live in this world.

Shesha stabs the knife again and again and finally Sukanya dies and dissappears.

Yamini and all come to forest with police to search for Ritik.Police starts to search Ritik they search whole forest but they don’t get him

Police:Mam we din’t got Ritik.

Yamini:Then find him in river. (With tears)

Police starts finding Ritik inside river.They get Ritik and Shivanya inside the river and brings them on land.


Yamini goes to Ritik and tries to wake him up.

Police:Mam he is no more and she is also no more.(Indicates towards Shivanya)

Yamini:No they can’t die.

Divya:Yeah you all are telling lie.

Amrita:We were really wrong that Shivanya thought bad about us.

Yamini:Ritik tried to tell us but we din’t understand that Shivanya always wanted good of us and because that I lost them both.

All cry and the ff ends.

They both died that day and that day was wrost day for them.They die but there live din’t died that day and it will be alive forever.And this love will be for all birth whether anything comes in between them no one can seprate them.They live together and died together.


Guys don’t shout on me for having sad ending but I will be back with Naagin-Love forever season 2.

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