Naagin – Love forever Episode 19

Ankush:I was just going to kill Ritik but Shivanya you tried to kill me now I will kill you.

Ankush laughs evily.

At Raheja house Ritik leaves for office.Shivanya is in room and thinks

Shivanya:Why I think that Ritik’s life will be in danger?

Shivanya gets worried for Ritik.

At evening Ritik leaves for home when he gets a call on unknown number and he picks up the call.

Man:If you want your Shivanya to be safe then come near the river which is near to your office.

Ritik:I will come but don’t do anything to her.

Man cuts the call and Ritik gets worried.He drives towards river.

Here Shivanya is worried and is sitting on bed.Shesha calls Shivanya for help and Shivanya goes to forest which have river.

Ritik reaches to the place where man called him.

Ritik:Shivanya where are you?

Man:She is not there.

Ritik turns and is shock because it’s Ankush.

Ankush:Now I will not leave you.

Ankush stabs the knife into Ritik’s stomach.Ritik.He stabs it again and again and Ritik falls into river with tears in his eyes

Shivanya reaches to forest and sees a river.


Shivanya finds her when Shesha comes from back.

Shesha:I am here dear sister.

Shivanya turns and is shock.

Shivanya:But you were in danger.

Shesha:I called you to kill you.

Shesha stabs the knife and Shivanya falls into river.Shesha thinks

Shesha:Now no one can come between me and Ritik.Soon I will kill that Sukanya also.

Ankush thinks

Ankush:Now you are no more in this world.

Ankush leaves from there.

Precap:Shesha and Sukanya to kill Ankush.

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