Naagin – Love forever Episode 15


Yamini:Ritik just forget about her.

She hugs him to console.

Ritik:No maa I will not leave her at any cost.Tomorrow I will kill her as she killed my papa and I can’t believe her she can kill anyone of us.At morning Ritik comes down and says

Ritik:Ma I am going to office.

Ritik is going when Yamini catches his hand and says

Yamini:Ritik don’t go to Shivanya.

Ritik is shock and says

Ritik:Okay maa.In

Ritik goes out of house and thinks

Ritik:I am sorry maa I have to go to her to kill her for killing my father.

Ritik goes to forest.He reaches the forest and sees Shivanya siting.He is about to comewhen Shivanya talks to herself and says

Shivanya:How to tell Ritik that to save him from father I have to kill him or her would kill him.

Listening this Ritik feeled guilty and goes towards Shivanya.


Shivanya turns and sees him.Ritik comes to her and hugs her.Shivanya is shock but hugs him back and Ritik says

Ritik:I am sorry Shivanya I couldn’t understand you.You killed my father for my protection only.Please forgive me.

Shivanya:Ritik it’s not your fault please don’t say sorry.

Ritik:No Shivanya I have done mistake so now I will take you to my home.

Shivanya:Ritik no.

Ritik:Shivanya you have to come.

He catches her hand and takes her inside the car and drives towards Raheja house.

At Raheja house Yamini,Angad,Divya and Amrita are sitting when Ritik comes.

Angad:Bhai you were gone to office so what are you doing?

Ritik:Come inside

Shivanya comes inside and seeing her all are shock.

Yamini:Ritik what this naagin is doing here?

Ritik:Ma she saved my life so it’s my duty to take care of her.

Amrita:Ritik are you gone mad.She killed papa.

Ritik:Di she saved my life from my own father.He only tried to kill me.

Yamini:What are you saying Ritik!Ritik she has poisoned your mind towards your own father why don’t you understand.

Ritik:Ma because she is not living I can see truth in her eyes.

Angad:Bhai she is a naagin and can kill anyone of us.

Ritik:Angad I believe in Shivanya.She loves us a lot.

Divya:Bhai but….

Ritik:No but and she will stay here only.

Ritik takes Shivanya to room.

Shesha and Sukanya are in forest and says

Sukanya:How can this happen!How!Shivanya took my love away.I from me.I will kill her.

Shesha thinks

Shesha:You kill her and I will kill you with the help of Naagmani.

Sukanya:What are you thinking?

Shesha:Nothing just thinking how to kill Shivanya.

Sukanya:Now I will only kill her and no one will kill her.

Ritik takes Shivanya to his room.

Ritik:Everyone thinks you are there enemy but don’t worry they will understand.

Shivanya:But Ritik why you brought me here.

Ritik keeps his hands on her shoulder and says

Ritik:Because you are innocent.

He hugs her.She hugs him back.

Precap:Sukanya and Shesha to plan to kill Shivanya.

Credit to: Siddhi

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