Naagin – Love forever Episode 14


Ritik and Yamini takes Ankush to hospital.Shivanya is crying and thinks

Shivanya:Now Ritik will hate me very much.What should I do?

Shesha and Sukanya comes.

Sukanya:See Shiv ji also wanted that Ritik become mine.And now you are out of Ritik’s life and now I will enter in my Ritik’s life.

Sukanya laughs and shesha thinks

Shesha:No Ritik can only be my and no one can take him away from me.I have to kills this Sukanya at any cost.

Shivanya cries.Doctor takes Ankush inside ICU AND Yamini is crying and Ritik tells

Ritik:Maa stop crying nothing will happen to papa.

Yamini:But how Ritik how can I stop crying.That Shivanya who I loved very much she killed my husband.(while crying)

Ritik:Maa I can’t believe that to whom I believed blindly she only cheated me. (With tears in his eyes)

After an hour doctor comes and says

Doctor:I am sorry to say that we were not able to save him.

Ritik:What!Doctor how can he die he can’t die.Tell me you are telling lie.

Doctor:Mr.Ritik it’s truth I know how you are feeling but please control your self.

Doctor goes from there and Ritik is crying and Yamini is shocked and Ritik tries to come her into sense but he fails.

Ritik:Maa please say something please. (While crying)

He hugs Yamini.At evening Ritik burns Ankush’s body and he have tears in his eyes.He thinks

Ritik:Shivanya you killed my father.I thought you love me but I was wrong you hate me and my

Ritik goes towards forest.He calls Shivanya loudly and Shivanya comes there.


Ritik:Just shut up Shivanya.You killed my father.I just hate you Shivanya.

Shivanya have tears in her eyes and says

Shivanya:Ritik please listen to me.

Ritik:No I will not listen to you.Just go from front of eyes.

Shivanya goes from there crying.Ritik kneels down and starts crying.

At Raheja house Angad,Divya,Amrita and Yamini are crying.

Angad:I was not knowing that Bhabi can do this.

Divya:I just hate that naagin.

Yamini:I loved her as my daughter and what she did she killed my husband.

Amrita:If she will come in front of me then I will kill her. (Shouts)

Angad:Di please control.

Ritik comes inside Raheja house and Yamini says

Yamini:Ritik where were you?

Ritik:Maa to tell Shivanya that now how much I hate her.

Yamini:Ritik why you went to meet her if she would harm you then.

Angad:Bhai maa is telling right you should stay away from her.

Ritik:I will stay away from her.I don’t want to see her face also.

Yamini:Ritik just forget about her.

She hugs Ritik and tries to console him.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya to hug eachother and Ritik to apologise to Shivanya.


Hope you will like it and don’t forgot to comment ?.Guys important news I am going to end this ff soon so tell your opinion about I am going to end my ff.And there will be a big suspense for you all in upcoming episodes so don’t miss my ff.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. niceeeee… waiting for next…..

  2. awesome?????????

  3. Guys are you all excited for the suspense of upcoming episodes of my ff naagin lover forever?

  4. mind blowing. start season 2 soon. naagin is going to end and now u r going to end it. so sad..???????

    1. So you will be shocked after suspense is revealed.

  5. very niceeeee. agree with mouni…

    1. Don’t worry Jennifer when serial Naagin will end then I will start naagin season 2 and when naagin love forever will end the I will write naagin love forever season 2 soon.

  6. very good. but rittik hates shivannya. so sad?????

    1. Ritik come to know her truth later.

  7. Silent readers pls comment on my ff.

  8. Awesome

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