Naagin – Love forever Episode 13

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:I have to find Ritik’s killer.

Shivanya comes out of hospital and Sukanya and Shesha attacks on Shivanya.Shivanya tells them the whole thing and Sukanya says

Sukanya:Whoever will be that person he will not be alive.You both have to help me to find Ritik’s killer.

All the three get unite to find Ritik’s killer.They go to place where Ritik got shot and they get a ring and Shivanya tells

Shivanya:I have seen this ring but don’t remember where?

Shehsa :Shivanya try to remember.

Sukanya:Yeah try to remember.

Shivanya tries to remember and is shock when she remembers whose ring it is.

Shivanya-This ring is of Ankush Raheja.

Sukanya:What nonsense you are telling how a father can try to kill his own son.

Shivanya:He can kill for money.

Shesha:If he had tried to kill ritik then we kill him.

At hospital Yamini is sitting beside Ritik who is unconscious.Suddenly Ritik gets conscious.

Ritik:Ma where is Shivanya?

Yamini:Ritik you got conscious.I will call doctor.

Ritik:Ma but where is Shivanya?

Yamini:I dont know.

She goes to doctor.Ritik gets worried and runs from hospital to find Shivanya.Shivanya,Shesha and Sukanya are finding Ankush and when they see Ankush talking with someone on phone.

Ankush:He should not get up.I will pray that he dies so that I can take his property.

Shivanya gets angry and she kills Ankush with her poison and this all is seen by Ritik who is in shock and in anger he shouts Shivanya’s name and shivanya is shock that Ritik is there.


Ritik runs towards Ankush and cries hardly.

Shivanya:Ritik please listen to me.

Ritik:No I will not listen to you naagin.

Shivanya have tears in her eyes.Sukanya and Shesha laughs.

Yamini comes to that place with doctor and is shocked that Ankush had turned blue and starts crying and they take him to hospital.

Precap:Ritik to hate Shivanya.

Credit to: Siddhi


  1. Just loved it please don’t end this ff and if u have to end this ff then pls write season 2 early as I am your fan now.

  2. Fatarajo

    Hey siddhi I like ur this ff a lot please don’t end it so soon after Naagin ends all Naagin fans can get to see Rivanya scenes via ur ff well I m not really a Naagin fan but like Rivanya

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