Naagin – Love forever Episode 12

Ritik:Now if you have brought me near so let’s stay together only.He kisses her neck.

Shivanya:Let me go Ritik.

Ritik:No not like this.



He stands and Shivanya goes to get fresh.

Shivanya comes out and sees Ritik is about to go out of room.

Shivanya:Ritik wait.

Ritik:What happen?

Shivanya comes near him and keeps her hand on his shoulder and kisses his right cheek.Ritik is shock and is about to ask but sees goes from there.

Ritik:What happen to her?

Ritik comes down and sees Shivanya with Yamini.

Ritik:Maa what are you doing with your bahoo?

Yamini:Just discussing what to make in dinner.

Ritik:Okay so bye.

Ritik goes to office.

At evening Shivanya is in room and thinks

Shivanya:Why I am getting worried for Ritik?

She calls him

Shivanya:Hello Ritik

Ritik:Hello Shivanya why did you call me?

Shivanya:Where are you?

Ritik:Just left the office now I am outside the car.

Some one comes behind him and shots him with pistol.


Shivanya:What happen Ritik? (Worriedly)

Ritik gets unconscious.

Shivanya takes naagin form and goes where Ritik is there.She sees Ritik in blood pool and goes to him.

Shivanya:Ritik get up.Ritik please get up.Open your eyes. (Tears in eyes)

Shivanya calls Angad and tells everything.

Angad:Bhabi I will call ambulance please stay there only.

He cuts the call.Shivanya cries.After sometimes ambulance comes and takes Ritik towards hospital.Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:Shiv ji please protect my Ritik.

She goes with Angad.At hospital everyone have tears when police comes.

Inspector:Who is Ankush Raheja?

Ankush comes and says

Ankush:I am Ankush Raheja and I called you.Someone tried to kill my son.

Inspector:Okay you don’t worry when Mr Ritik will get conscious we will ask him some questions.


Police goes from there.

Yamini:Anky ji what is happening to our son.Who is my sons enemy? (Crying)

Ankush:Whoever that person will be I will give him a very big punishment.

Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:Who wants to kill my Ritik?

Doctor comes out and says

Doctor:He is not out of danger.If he will not get conscious in 24 hours then we can’t tell what will happen.

Yamini:Please doctor do something to save our son.

Doctor:If we can do then we will definitely do.

Precap:Shivanya,Shesha and Sukanya to get unite to find Ritik’s killer.

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  1. Hi siddhi episode is great☺ But I like ‘dil ki baatein’ more. Sometime back u you asked which 2 ff’s to continue.
    1. Dil ki baatein
    2. Naagin-love forever
    It is my view. But plz plz plz plz plz plz write ‘dil ki baatein’ episode 3 soon..
    It is a humble request?

    1. Actually I have written episode 3 but there are no comments.

      1. Can you tell me sharad on which tab I will find the 3rd episode of dil ki baatein??

      2. Write dil Ki Baatein (Aryan and Aradhya-Ritik and Shivanya) on search bar and you will get but I am going change its’s name will be Dil Ki baatein-Naagin and Krishnadasi

  2. Sorry my cousin kept this name so mistakenly remained Sharad malhotra.

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  9. Very nice you are a great writer.I am a silent reader but ur ff mad me comment.pls continue

  10. Wow someone tried to kill ritik hope he will get fine

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