Naagin – Love forever Episode 10

Guys today I am happy because I completed 10 episodes.

Ritik:First my hand now my left cheek is paining.What is happening to me.

In pain closes his eyes.He sees Shivanya in a forest and someone tied her tree and is unconscious.

Ritik:What happened to Shivanya?I have to go to forest.

Ritik sits inside his car and goes towards forest.

Sukanya:Now you will die in some hours.

Sukanya takes snake form and goes from there.Ritik is driving car.He when his car stops.He and he tries to repair but is unsuccessful.He sees the same forest.He goes inside the forest and finds Shivanya and unties her.

Ritik:Shivanya wake up.Please don’t leave me like this.

Ritik have tears in his eyes and he thinks about going to hospital but remembers his car have problem so he thinks

Ritik:Now only Shiv ji can do something.I have to take her to temple near to us.

Ritik takes Shivanya in his arms and runs towards temple.

Ritik sees gurudev and says

Ritik:Please help me my wife’s life is in danger.Please help. (While crying)

Gurudev thinks

Gurudev:How this happened to Shivanya?

Gurudev says

Gurudev:Don’t worry.But you have to do something to save your wife.

Ritik:I can do anything to save Shivanya.

Gurudev:You have to bring naag mani as naag mani can get save.

Ritik:Where is the naag mani?

Gurudev:Two evil snake’s have the naag mani.They leave in te cave of near by forest.But be careful as they are very dangerous.You have to bring naag mani before it gets morning.

Ritik:Yeah I will bring naag mani before it gets morning.

Ritik goes out of temple.He reaches the cave but hides when sees naagin arriving.

Naagin 1:Samruddhi this naag mani will make us most powerful naagin’s of world.

Samruddhi:Yes and no one will be able to kill us Smrita.

Smrita:But we have to be careful so that no one can take the naag mani.

Ritik thinks

Ritik:This naagin’s are very powerful.How can I take naag mani.?

Samruddhi:Why I think that a human is near to us.

Smrita:Yeah you are right.

They are going towards the place where Ritik is hiding.They come there and sees no one.Ritik is outside the cave.And thinks

Ritik:Thank God I came out.But how I will get naag mani?

Ritik is thinking when someone stabs his back with a knife and it’s Smrita.Ritik turns and is shock.

Smrita:So you came to take away the naag mani.But you can’t as you are a simple human and we are naagin’s.

Ritik:Please give me naag mani as it’s of Shiv ji and my wife needs it. (With pain)

Smrita:But you are going to die as I have stabed you.

Ritik falls down and Smrita laughs and says

Smrita:Oh poor human.I feel bad that you will die.

She laughs.Ritik gets unconscious.She goes from there.Ritik is unconscious but a sudden image comes to him of Shivanya and time he speneed with her.He gets conscious.And thinks

Ritik:I have to save Shivanya.If I will die then also I will save her.

He gets up with difficulties and hides inside cave.He sees that both naagin’s are talking.

Samruddhi:That human thought he will take away naag mani.Impossible.

Smrita:But we have to be careful as you know what is our weakness.

Ritik thinks

Ritik:What weakness they have?

Samruddhi:We cursed that if we will be near fire then we will die.

Ritik thinks

Ritik:So they will die of fire.

He goes and tries to rub two stones and bring fire.He is still in very much pain in his back because knife stabbed.

Ritik:I have to bear this pain for Shivanya.

And finally fire lights up and he takes a wooden stick and lights up the fire on it.He comes inside cave.He and says

Ritik:Now you both soon naagin’s game is finished.

Both see Ritik is catching stick with fire and are shocked.

Smrita:Hey you weak human just stay away.

Ritik brings the fire near them and both turn into Ashes.

Precap:Ritik brings naag mani into temple and Shivanya gets fine.

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  1. very niceeeee siddhi di.. congrats for completing epi 10….

  2. Hey siddhi are you writing ‘dil ki baatein’ ff?? If no, plz write that ff also. I like that ff very very very much.
    Plz siddhi it is a humble request?

    1. Thanks and I will try to continue dil Ki Baatein.

  3. Hey siddhi sometime back you asked about which 2 ff to continue. I was not able to comment at that time. Sorry about this???
    Coming to my 2 best ff’s they are::–
    1. Dil ki baatein
    2. Naagin love forever..
    Plz siddhi write these 2 ff’s. I like them too much.
    And yes congratulations for your 10th episode???????

  4. i agree with alia. but i love u more than my life..

    1. Okay I will try to continue

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  6. siddhi di har din ek jaysa comment aye jaruri nahi hai. comments milrahi hai that is the big thing. aur apko hi dabse jayda comments milti hai. so do not lose heart…..

  7. niceeeee epi. agree with Ritija didi….

  8. niceeeee epi. agree with Ritija didi….

  9. sorry didi k nam se chala gaya?????

    1. I have written episode 1.It will post soon but today only.

  10. Awsm episode

  11. 15 comments not bad

    1. You know my friend asked me what is there in my ff that I most of the time get above ten. I din’t give her answer as I dont know so please tell what is there in my ff that I get more then 10 comments.

  12. ur ff have great story and attraction???

  13. love ur ff…??

  14. nice episode

  15. very good. I am a silent reader. but now I have decided to comment. and I am fully agree with Meher about her answer

    1. Thasks Jennifer and please always comment on my ff.

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