Naagin – Love forever Episode 1


Hi friends this is my first ff.I love chemistry of Rivanya.Please comment if you like it.

Ritik Raheja:A handsome,hot and s*xton 25 years old successful business tycoon.He loves his wife Shivanya very much.He can dI expect for her.

Shivanya:She is Ritik’sit wife and loves him very much.She is Ritik’sit protector as Ritik have Markesh Dosh in his kundli so because of that she married him in order to save his life.

Yamini Raheja:She is Ritik’sit mother.She is a good mother and can go in any extend to save his son Ritik’sit life.

Ankush Raheja:He is Ritik’sit father.He is a good father.

Angad Raheja:He is Ritik’sit small brother.

Amrita Raheja:She is Ritik’sit big sister.

Divya Raheja:She is Ritik’sit small cousin.

The Sundays falls on Shivanya’sit face and she gets up and see Ritik sleeping peacefully.Shivanya is going to get up to fresh up but Ritik catches her hand and pushes her towards him and says

Ritik:Where are you going?

Shivanya:Going to washroom to change.

Ritik:May I help you? (Asks naughtily)

Shivanya:No thanks I can change by myself.

She is going but Ritik again pushes her towards him and he brings his face near to her.But fortunately Shivanya goes from there.Ritik gets up and thinks

Ritik:Still she is getting shy. (He smiles)

After sometimes Shivanya comes out and sees that Ritik nowhere in the room and gets tensed but Ritik comes from back and hugs her and says

Ritik:So my dear wife got worried for me.

Shivanya:No not that just like this.

Ritik comes to know that she is living and smiles and kisses her neck which makes Shivanya smile and looking Shivanya smile he gets happy and turns Shivanya and kisses her neck passionately and Shivanya gets very happy but stops him and

Shivanya:Now stop doing this.Someone will see.

Ritik:Let it be we are husband wife and if whatever we will do there is no problem.

Ritik is about to kiss her but Shivanya pushes him and goes from there blushing.Shivanya goes down and says to Yamini

Shivanya:Maa is their any work for me?

Yamini:No you have already worked very much now you do rest for sometime.
Ritik comes down and Yamini says

Yamini:Ritik take Shivanya to room as I know she will not listen to me but at least she will listen to you.

Ritik:No maa she doesn’the listen me also.

Shivanya looks him Ritik gets quite .

Yamini:You both go to your room and you can also spend time together.

Ritik sees her and Shivanya gets shy and sees at other direction.Both go to there room.

Ritik makes her sit on bed and says

Ritik:You always work now take rest and today no work.Okay


Ritik:No but you will take rest and it’s my order.Husbands order means God is giving you order now take rest.

Shivanya smiles at him and says

Shivanya:Ritik you are really a nice husband.I don’the know how to tell thanks to you.Their are no words for your goodness.

Ritik:Shivanya I am very thankfully to you.You married me to save my life and you were knowing that if you will marry me then all dangers will attack you.

Ritik gets emotional and hugs her and she hugs her back.Shivanya then tells

Shivanya:It’s my duty to save you from all bad.

Ritik:Then it’s my duty also to help you in your work.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Is shivanya a naagin if not thn plz make her

  2. Okay samiksha I will make Shivanya naagin

  3. Hey guys if I will get less comments then I will not continue my ff.Atlantic 50 or 30 comments I want or else I will not continue the ff.

  4. Awesome

    1. Thanks hope you want me to continue the ff.

  5. please check out my ff ishra and rivanya .

  6. ur ff is very nice yar . update soon

    1. Thanks varshini and u have read your ff it’s very good please write more.

    2. Thanks varshini and i have read your ff it’s very good please write more.

  7. as samiksha said please make shivanya a nagin ok

    1. Yeah of course I wrote next part in which I have made her a naagin.So when my next part will come then please comment.

  8. sure

  9. Guys I have written one more ff Dil Ki Baatein (Aryan and Aradhya-Ritik and Shivanya)It will be updated tomorrow and if you will like it then please plus comment.

  10. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb… I loved it.. Rivanya romance???yamini is positive hmmm interesting but why shivanya not naagin? Where is sesha?

    1. Shivanya is a naagin and Shesha will come soon.

  11. I am disappointed as no one is commenting and if I will get less comments then soon I will not write this ff.

  12. veryyyy nice.keep writing

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