Naagin Ki Love Story Maha Episode (6th and 7th episode)


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. This time it is a MAHA Episode. I have written both 6th and the 7th episode. I will thank everybody who commented and read my fanfiction. And i will thank everyone who support me and my fanfiction it means a lot. So please keep on commenting and reading Naagin Ki Love Story. Can we reach over 5 comments.

So let’s start?

Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 6:

It’s morning and Yamini makes breakfast for Karan.
Yamini: Karan give your all best.
Karan: I will mom.
Karan leaves.
Yamini: Karan you need to give your all best because I have put all my hardwork to find ritik, shivanya and adaa. I even kidnapped you from your real mother. Now that you’re going to give an interview to ritik, it will be easy for me to track them down. And ones I kill them I will also kill you.
Yamini smirks and leave.

In ritik’s house shivanya and adaa are making the snacks ready.

Adaa in mind: Why am I getting flashes of that boy in my mind. Whovever he is I need to stay away from him.
Adaa’s thoughts are disturbed when shivanya says.
Shivanya: Adaa who are you thinking about. You were thinking something
Adaa: Nobody shivanya.
Shivanya: Are you sure. You look tensed

Then Ritik comes in. Have you both made snacks.
Yes said both at the same time.

In few minutes they hear a bell.
Ritik: I think he has come
Shivanya: Adaa please check tea. (Guys Ritik treats his clients with a lot of respect)
Karan comes in and Ritik and Shivanya greet him.
Karan sits down and adaa is still in the kitchen.
Shivanya: Adaa is the tea done.
Adaa: Yes, Shivanya
Ritik and karan talk and ritik is about to ask him about his full name but gets interrupted by Shivanya
Shivanya: Here are some snack. Tea is coming.
Karan: Thank you.
They talk.

Precap: Adaa to throw tea purposely on Karan

Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 7:

Karan and Ritik and Shivanya are talking.
And then Adaa comes in and Karan and Adaa are shocked to see each other.
Karan is about to say something but Adaa spills tea on him.

Karan: Ahhhhhhhh
Ritik: Karan are you okay
Shivanya: Adaa what did you do
Adaa: I am so sorry come I’ll show you were the bathroom is.

Adaa and karan leave
Ritik: Why did Adaa do it
Shivanya: she didn’t do it on purposely
Ritik: Shivanya she did it on purposely. When Adaa came in karan was about to say something but adaa spill tea on him. I feel like they know each other.

Adaa takes karan to her room
Adaa: Why are you here are you following me.
Karan: I’ll tell you everything but first give me ice it hurts a lot.
Adaa: Oh please the tea wasn’t that warm.

Now Karan was angry. He went to the bathroom. Took cold water on the place where the tea fell. And later took a bowl of really warm water. And came outside

Adaa: oh hello what are you doing with that bowl.
Karan took the bowl and throw the whole warm water on Adaa.
Adaa: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Ritik and Shivanya heard the scream and rushed up.
Karan: Now you will feel, how it felt when you threw tea on me.
Adaa stood there angry and she went to the bathroom and took cold water on herself. She took some really cold water and threw it on Karan.
Adaa: Now you can feel cold as well.
Karan and Adaa started arguing.
Then Ritik and Shivnaya came in

Precap: Adaa to heal karan’s injury

Guys I hope you liked the episode. Please keep on commenting and supporting and reading Naagin Ki Love Story. Can we try to reach over 5 comments.

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

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