Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 23


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. I will thank each one of you who comment, read and support my fanfiction it means a lot

NB: So guys I know some of you might not like the new twist, but shivanya will have a miscarriage but later the happy days will come. There are many twist and turns in store for you guys. So please support me in my decision.

So let’s start?

They both came home
Yamini was shocked to see karan.
Karan: maa where is everyone
Yamini: haven’t ritik told you. Shivanya fainted and vomited blood and is now in hospital
Adaa: what I have to go to her.
Adaa: which hospital
Adaa: I’ll just ask ritik
Yamini: do you know where it is
Adaa: No, I don’t but will find out.
Karan: I’ll drop you come

Karan and adaa reached the hospital
Adaa and karan saw ritik
Adaa: ritik what happened tell me
Ritik had tears in his eyes
Ritik: the doctor have said that she drank rat poison. They are trying to save her and the baby.
Adaa got shocked and started getting tears in her eyes.

Then the doctor came out
Ritik: doctor is she okay
Doctor: we are doing checkup we need some time. It can be that she will survive but the baby. We are trying.
Then the doctor left.
Karan came to ritik and said
Karan: sir nothing will happen to shivanya neither to the baby. anything can happen just trust god. Your baby will come in the world with you and shivanya.
Ritik hugged karan
Ritik: thank you.
Ritik there is temple nearby I will go there and pray.
Ritik left from there.

Karan saw adaa crying and praying
Karan: Adaa
Karan saw that adaa was silent and cried. So he hugged her.
Karan: nothing will happen to your shivanya, neither to the baby, trust me.

After some hours the doctor came out.
Doctor: She is getting better. Can one person stay here for tonight.
Ritik: I will
Doctor: okay
Ritik: don’t worry adaa she will be fine.
Adaa and karan left from there.

precap: Karan to get to know yamini’s truth.

I hope you guys liked it. Keep on reading,supporting and commenting Naagin Ki Love Story. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care?

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

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  1. nice please make the episode long will the baby survive or not

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  2. Wonderful episode make the episode longer..

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    Really nice but please make the episode longer

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  4. can you update the next episode today

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      I will upload tomorrow. I have visitors who are visiting me. And they are coming from America. That’s why I can’t upload today

  5. Wow precap is good

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